Mascherano The Prostitute

So the 31st of August is fast approaching and a lot of players & agents are hanging around outside European stadiums showing a bit of leg, so they can get a move & make an extra buck. It is prostitution at the highest financial level. Now the biggest gigolo of them all has been Javier […]

King Scholes

As everyone else has gushed over the wee Ginger maestro that is Paul Scholes over the last two weeks I have decided to give my take on him. I remember him starting out for Manchester United as a youngster in the 94-95 season. He began his career as a striker or playing just behind the […]

Football Mercenary Or Just Unloved?

There has been a term in football for years now called ‘Football Mercenary’. In the current climate where football seems to take second place to money and maybe even 3rd place to celebrity, I have decided to take a look at one of the biggest players to be classed as a mercenary. Christian Vieri. Ok […]