Football Mercenary Or Just Unloved?

Christian Vieri

There has been a term in football for years now called ‘Football Mercenary’. In the current climate where football seems to take second place to money and maybe even 3rd place to celebrity, I have decided to take a look at one of the biggest players to be classed as a mercenary.

Christian Vieri.

Ok here are a few stats. Christian has played for 12 separate clubs signing for Atalanta on 3 different occasions. He was very prolific in his 18 year career scoring 236 goals in 477 games. He also represented Italy 49 times scoring 23 times for the Azzurri. But in his long career he only managed 1 Serie A title.

But he never seemed to play with a smile on his face, which would upset fans considering the amount of money he would be picking up every week. No matter how many goals he would score he just didn’t seem to share a good relationship with the fans.

His longest stint at one club was 6 years at Inter, yet asked how he felt about their Champions League this year, he replied “It didn’t affect me at all”. This seems to some the man up, if it doesn’t involve him he isn’t interested.

But why did he carry on for so long? Was it so he could get more money or did he just want to feel loved?

Personally I think Football was just a job for him and that the money was the influence in his life.

3 Responses to “Football Mercenary Or Just Unloved?”

  1. Sure thing its all about the money! great scorer but not worth the money!To only win one title!!

    Another great article well done.

  2. Thanks very much.

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