King Scholes


As everyone else has gushed over the wee Ginger maestro that is Paul Scholes over the last two weeks I have decided to give my take on him.

I remember him starting out for Manchester United as a youngster in the 94-95 season. He began his career as a striker or playing just behind the frontman. At that time in that position I didn’t see what the fuss was about and didn’t think he would last five seasons at Old Trafford never mind sixteen years in the top team. But then he moved into the centre of midfield and pull the strings.

He is almost the complete midfielder. His passing ability is wonderful, he has vision and technique that any kid growing up wanting to be a footballer should watch. He can strike the ball from the edge of the area with such skill and power that keepers can’t stand a chance. He is always willing to take the ball and never looks under pressure when he has it. He passes then moves looking for the next one. As he has got older he has learned to adapt his game. His body can’t have him charging forward all the time but his footballing brain picks and chooses when the time is right for him to do so. His goals have dried up a wee bit in the last few years but the goals he does get seem to be the important ones.

Now we all know why he isn’t the complete midfielder, his tackling is shocking! That part of his game tells you he was a forward as a youth. Surely he could have learned by now not to just jump in every time or leave a leg in but no the 35 year old still tackles like a youthful kid trying his very best but doing it 10 seconds to late.

You have to admire his loyalty and determination. He is a one club player and certainly the best England Midfielder of his generation. He rarely gives TV interviews and definitely not fame hungry but when he does talk he is polite, well spoken and always talks sense. He was won everything at Man United yet at 35 he carries on but only because he knows that he can still give them so much.

A fantastic Professional footballer.

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  1. Nice little take Scotty. Completely agree. You have to love Scholesy!

    Took me back when you mentioned him starting out as a striker.

    Another one who stuck by the devils thick and thin was Solskjaer – remember him? bench every week, goal every week, there every week. Loved Oonie Goonie.

  2. Haha no no one can forget Ole. Including Sir Alex as he now has Solskjaer as his reserve team boss.

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