My Team & I: Manchester United


By A.D. Winn

Twitter: @adwinn

Why Manchester United?

A question I get all too frequently, due to growing up in North Hertfordshire. It started around the autumn of 1992, just before I turned 8. At that age I  had no idea about football, apart from vague memories of the Ciao mascot of Italia ’90. However, one morning on the playground of my primary school, it changed. I was asked by my friend Richard if I liked football. There was a game in progress that I had started watching & was asked to join in with. Richard, who was originally from Accrington, put me in his side: Manchester United. It stuck. It didn’t matter that at either end, the makeshift goals were marked out as a Netball post to the end of a bench. It didn’t matter that we had to play around other kids who were playing their own games. It didn’t matter that we had to run what felt like miles to fetch the ball after a goal, it was great.

Cue years of “Glory-Hunter” abuse. I can shrug it off; I know the truth.

Favourite Player?

It’s hard to narrow down to just one, United have had some truly brilliant players over the last 18 years of supporting them. There are stalwarts such as Giggs & Scholes who are living legends for all the right reasons. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer during his prime was brilliant, and remains one of the most loved players to play for the club. Much like McCoist at Rangers, he’s at the club in a coaching role & is touted as a strong favourite future manager. However, my choice, above names such as these & also Cantona, Keane, Stam, Beckham & Ronaldo… Is Peter Schmeichel. The greatest keeper the English league has seen, bar none. At his best, he was unbeatable & he has the trophy cabinet to prove it: 5 Premier League titles, 3 FA Cups, 1 League Cup, 1 UEFA Super Cup & in his last ever game for United, as Captain, the Champions League.

The Great Dane

Favourite Game?

Because it was a great game of football, the 3-3 draw at Anfield. But because that wasn’t a win, I’d also go with beating Chelsea 4-0 in the 1994 FA Cup Final, because I used to watch the VHS of it over & over & over again, & have since memorized the starting 11, their squad numbers, the goalscorers and even phrases from Motson’s commentary. Also, the 4-3 win against City last year was a belter.

Favourite Strip?

Both the red & the green and gold 3rd kit from 92-94 hold some good memories; the latter of which was the 1st replica shirt I ever owned. But my favourite of all time, regardless of it being a good shirt or not, & being purely based on the memories it conjures up, is the domestic home kit circa 1998, with the Umbro-laced sleeves. I can look at this shirt & immediately see Solskjaer scoring over & over again.


Worst Thing About Being a Man Utd Fan?

Being the club everybody else hates! I don’t mean hate lightly either; it’s not just ‘I wish they’d go away” hate, its a passionate  “Anyone but United” hate. I’d expect it of Liverpool, Man City or Leeds fans, teams we actually have fierce rivalries with, but instead it flows throughout the UK. People cannot stand us. We cheat, we have referees giving us extra time to score winners, we have an angry, argumentative, short-fused Scotsman in charge & we have more luck & fortune than most. Bitterness caused by our success? Since when has such a level of objectiveness been in football?

Funniest Moment?

A club that employs Gary Neville as club captain is not going to be one that has hundreds of funny moments to talk about, not public knowledge ones anyway. Mike Phelan popping a balloon mid-match & scaring the crap out of Ferguson & Meulensteen is only thing that springs to mind.

Favourite Moment?

Going to Old Trafford for the very 1st time. I’d seen matches at numerous other stadiums, including the old Wembley, but OT was breathtaking.

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  1. My favourite Man U player was Lee Sharpe.

    Can’t believe your favourite memory/match was not the 1999 CL victory.

  2. ah well, the 99 CL match was too excruciating to be considered my best match; we went a goal down early on, and then spent so long behind. It wasn’t until the very end that I started to enjoy it in any way.

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