Book Review: El Diego

El Diego by Diego Maradona


Wonderful, erratic, untruthful & entertaining all words that describe both the man Diego Maradona & the man’s autobiography.

He talks about his childhood, his big impact in the footballing world, his disappointment in his exclusion from the World Cup winning Argentine team of 1978, his bitterness at his Barca days, the crazy times at Napoli & of course 1986 & the hand of god.

The good thing about the book is that you do feel Diego was heavily involved & didn’t leave it all down to ghost writers to research everything. There is swearing & his own Latin expressions like calling Peter Shilton a ‘Thermos-head’. He is very generous about his 1986 World Cup winning team mates. But he is stubborn & refuses to take responsibility for some of his demons. But by the end you believe he has had to deal with an amazing pressure at a very young age & has left him slightly mental. Well worth a read as it is a great insight to a football genius.

Also there is a nice bit where Diego discusses 100 players past & present.

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  1. Great book, read it a few years ago while on holiday in Tunisia, made me appreciate and admire the great man even more.

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