Product Review: Tim Cahill – The Unseen Journey


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be an international, professional Premier League superstar? Of course you have, we all have! But for a look at what it is like you need to buy this DVD.

It tracks Everton & Australian star man Tim Cahill for half year in 2009. The production crew get amazing access to Tim’s life off the field, from his Australian/Samoan family parties, home footage of a young Cahill starting out, his international training camp, his PR obligations, his surprise 30th Birthday to the lead up to the 2009 FA Cup final.

The documentary doesn’t pull any punches, whilst it was being made he was in the front page of an Aussie paper for being drunk in a nightclub but he responded by firing two goals for Australia that week. You can tell he loves his family & misses Australia but the dvd doesn’t shy away from discussing his brother Sean who was jailed in Britain for GBH. Tim discusses how he felt guilty for the situation as it was himself who told his brother to come over.

It shows that while it is great to have a lot of money doing something you love, he has two great houses & a top car, his career can also be gruelling. Travelling to & from Australia is bad enough but he also misses his mum & dad. He is very grounded though & loves his football. The dvd is full of good contributions from top stars complementing Cahill, you have Clive Owen, Jonah Lomu, Brett Lee, Mikel Arteta & even Mark Bosnich! There is also a superb cameo by Toffees boss Davie Moyes who shows he has a great relationship with his players.

This is a top, top DVD, there should be more football documentaries like this. From a production point of view, I work for a production company, the quality is great & extremely professional. Crisp pictures & great sound.

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