My Team & I: Arsenal


by Sian Ranscombe

Twitter: @SianyMacalarny


Why Arsenal?

I’m fortunate enough to come from a family of Arsenal fans, so there was very little chance I’d ever support anyone else. I was born in Yorkshire but my dad insists that had we not moved back to London when I was four months old, we’d have joined the Arsenal Yorkshire Supporters’ Club and travelled with them. Both of my parents are from Islington so it was always going to be Arsenal.

I don’t think you realise how lucky you are to be a part of a family of fans until you meet others from different places, sometimes different continents, who have chosen their club by themselves and still choose to follow them, no matter the time zone or the fact none of their friends or family support them too. I was lucky, Arsenal found me through my genes!

Favourite Player?

Of the current team I will probably go for Bacary Sagna because not only has he been such a solid player for us (crosses aside), he’s also one of the nicest human beings I’ve ever met.

I think that, though Patrick Vieira was my first love in life, the first name I ever had on my shirt, and my hero, my favourite player ever is Thierry Henry. You forget how good he was until you see old matches again. When he left in 2007 I was heartbroken, but I love that he still comes back to watch matches and at the moment is even training with the boys. He always says he considers London his home and it’d be lovely to see him return to the club when he’s retired from playing.

Favourite Game?

Well, I hear that Liverpool vs Arsenal in May 1989 was pretty special but as that was the year I was born, I don’t remember it so well! My favourite that I’ve been to would have to be our 0-2 win over AC Milan at the San Siro in 2008. We were of course seated up in the gods, as we tend to be at European away matches. Goals from Cesc Fabregas and Emmanuel Adebayor meant we became the first English team to have ever beaten them at their stadium. The fans went bananas and the two men sitting in front of us, who’d been as loud as you like up until this point, burst into tears. I could see why though – Cesc’s goal and subsequent celebration with Wenger still makes me cry now. People forget that this match came only days after Eduardo suffered his leg injury against Birmingham also, so it was a bit special.

Favourite Strip?

If I’m allowed one that I wasn’t alive to see, I’ll go for the 1971 home kit. I have the replica shirt which I wear to matches now. Red shirt, white sleeves, a gun on the chest and nothing else, no sponsorship rubbish… what else does an Arsenal shirt need?


Worst Thing About Being An Arsenal Fan?

The fact no one will shut up about the fact we’ve not won a trophy in five years. Yes, we know thanks, we’ve been here! At the moment it’s also difficult watching the team be so inconsistent at times. Sometimes it’s difficult to know which team is going to show up.

Funniest Moment?

We sat in the North Bank lower behind Mad Jens’s goal at Highbury for years. How long have you got?

Favourite Moment?

There are so many! Going to the bus parade after we’d done the Double in 2002 was amazing. Or May 2006, in which we had both the final match at Highbury and the Champions League final in Paris. Oh, and winning the league at White Hart Lane was quite fun too. The best bit about being an Arsenal fan who believes in the team is that I know my favourite moment with the team is yet to come.

6 Responses to “My Team & I: Arsenal”

  1. Didn’t know you were a Yorkshire lass Sian.

    Great read, nice to see someone who loves their club and goes to the games.

    Keep up the good work on your site.

  2. Hey Sian this great. I loved the last game at Highbury.

  3. Great work Sian, you’re a northern gooner at heart afterall 🙂
    agree with you about Bac Sagna – did you see my post about him?
    Keep them coming!

  4. I think it is always great to mention the nice footballers we meet as a lot of them can let us down.

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  6. I think Sagna’s crossing is quite good actually, he put in a lovely ball for RVP’s second goal against Newcastle. Perhaps it’s just that Arsenal aren’t really a crossing team so don’t load the box, so he has to be spot on in order to not waste possession.

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