Bored Of Barcelona!


I have just sat & watched Barcelona beat Racing  3-0! Their play was sublime, Messi, Xavi & Iniesta linked up to great effect & they kept the ball as if Racing didn’t even turn up!

So with all that in mind why am I so bored at watching Barcelona?

Well simple, they make it look too easy! We sit in front of the telly or in the stands of a game thinking I want my team to win but with Barca we expect a win & we always seem to get it without much fuss. They have simply been too good. Its not their fault but I am fed up hearing the score is 3 or 4 nil but it could be 7 or 8!  For crying out loud their Centre Back Gerard Pique is more creative than any SPL player!

I would prefer the opposition to have more of a go, I know that might mean they lose by a few but look they are still losing by a few!

I loved the El Clasico but since then have been really bored with Barca, at least with Real they have chinks in their armour! Whereas Barca have lost only once in La Liga & even more amazingly have only drawn one in 20 games.

I know their are purists out their drooling at every pass, every Messi jinky run & every goal but I want competition & I want to sit down not knowing the final result beforehand!

Now the EPL as a whole has bored me but I would prefer to watch Man Utd, Arsenal, Liverpool or even Blackpool to watching Barcelona just now. But for those asking could they do that to Stoke on a cold Wednesday night? Eh yes.. Idiots!

For me Serie A is they way to go this season!

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  1. I do agree to an extent and totally agree about the competition factor. Problem is you might miss a classic or an upset. Like Hercules winning at the Camp Nou, or Betis the other night.

    And as much as I’m enjoying my new found love of Serie A for sixty minutes of the Roma Cagliari game tonight it was god awful, so you just never know what your gonna get with a match.

  2. Very true Serie A is far from perfect but at least you don’t know the final result.

    Yeah the Hercules game was a good shock but how many have we thought could even get close to another shock?

  3. Whether or not a team is exciting/boring is subjective, emotional and on some level irrational so as much of a heretic as I think you are I’m going to call off my baying mob!

    However, I have not and shall never find consistent brilliance boring.Ideally what i’d like to see with Barca is for them to have a worthy Rival. Wether that be Real or another team in europe I do think they and football would benefit if they found a Rafa Nadal to their Roger Federer.

    But if they don’t let’s just enjoy this whilst it lasts because as with all good things it will come to end; given guardiola’s comments about how long he can stay before burning out, xavi and puyol’s ages and Alves contract negotiations, maybe sooner than we think.

  4. Piq Thanks very much for your comment, you are certainly not the only one who feels this way.

    As I say from the start this is only an opinion, The Rafa/Roger comparison is great without each other they would maybe not be considered as good. I would love another team to step up. Lets say they don’t will this Barca team be remembered as being so good? Or the competition being weak?

    I also believe tactics need to be used better against them like Inter or attack them!

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