Hope For SKY!


Ok I am not going into the Gray & Keys situation… I think they deserved what they got & will leave it there. People better than me have had their say, so I wont rehash their views. But I will look at how I believe SKY should deal with the aftermath.

First off I would have a base of 6 presenters to work from & rotate them all the time. Say we have Ben Shepherd, James Richardson, Georgie Thompson, Jeff Stelling, Claire Tomlinson & David Jones… Lets not get bogged down by names. This would make the opinions different every week & keep the live coverage as fresh as possible.


Now we should do the same with the pundits. Have your weekly special guests from managers currently out of work like Sam Allardyce or current players injured or suspend. Have a group of regular guests like Jamie Redknapp, Ray Wilkins, Alan Smith & Graeme Souness & the such. Why not add a journalist to the mix like Gabriele Marcotti, Patrick Barclay or Iain MacIntosh.. Again just suggestions. But they could ask the questions the viewers would like to ask & give a different opinion to the clique of ex Pros.

It is time after 20 years for Sky to freshen up & become innovative again. But not with silly circus tricks like fireworks or cheer-leaders but with better, more intelligent debate! They allowed Gray & Keys in the top jobs for too long meaning the got smug & complacent. They had an untouchable persona about them!

They have a huge base of female fans & should respect this. This viewer-ship certainly knows the offside rule & are very passionate about the game. Now give them their figure head someone to show they can become a pundit!

We have Hope Powell England’s football coach already in the wings. She certainly knows her football, under her leadership Womens football has grown & grown! She is also articulate unlike Paul Merson. She would also be unbiased like the male pros. The main thing is she would stand up for herself & be a role model.

What better way for SKY to show after 20 years they have now grown up.

This article was inspires by @NatashaSHenry She also gives her opinion on the ‘Greys’ debacle here http://www.footballfancast.com/ & join our Titter campaign #HopePowellforSky

5 Responses to “Hope For SKY!”

  1. As usual with your work mate, I can’t agree…..more.

    Really is time for SKY to freshen things up, they are quick to try things like fanzone, HD, player cam, and 3D but very very slow to update the real coverage they have.

    Soccer Am to me should have moved on a long time ago, very outdated, and then the analysis and punditry is the same, it just bores me to the extent that I hardly watch it anymore.

    If you have constant fresh faces in the studio giving different opinions and not tied into being part of SKY’s “Gentleman’s Club” it would surely keep them on their toes.

    Good work mate

  2. Here here sky needs to change!

  3. Couldn’t agree more mate – very interesting piece. Keep up the great work.


  4. Thanks guys.

    Yeah I agree Soccer AM is done its time as well. We do need change!

  5. Good piece on Sky – am thankful that for past 6 yrs haven’t had to watch too much of the Sky feed here! But Keys/Gray been overpaid dinosaurs for a while before that!

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