Brazil Need To Forgive

So I have wanted to do this article for a while now but needed time to research it a bit but with three years before Brazil host the next World Cup & with the apt mistake made by Wojciech Szczesny it seemed the right time for me to profile Moacir Barbosa. Barbosa was Brazil’s 1950 […]

My Team & I: WBA

By Ethan Dean-Richards Twitter: @SurrealFootball Website: Why West Brom? I wasn’t interested in watching football until I was 10, but seeing that it was the done thing to support a team, I followed Manchester United half-heartedly. After three years of doing that, I decided that I was too much of an intellectual to support a […]

Product Review: Tottenham 50 Greatest Players

This season two teams have been more entertaining consistently than the rest in the EPL, Blackpool & Tottenham Hotspur. This DVD takes us through the 50 greatest players to put on a Spurs shirt. Now I wont spoil it by mentioning where players come & who the greatest was, but it was nice to see […]


It was an honour to be placed in the Top 5 favourite things of the week by the guardian football website. It was for ‘The Blogumentary’, A thank you to everyone for watching it & for the guardian for highlighting it. Click on the pic below to see the mention.

My Team & I: Reading

By Dave Stevens Twitter: @shakefon Why Reading? Well, picking a team to throw my loyalties behind was a slow burner for me. No one in my immediate family had any interest in the game,but I was a fervent fan of Football from as early as I can remember. There are pictures of me in a […]

Filming With Dan

Here you go just proving I was actually doing work for the blog today. Here is me interviewing Dan Brennan. Dan is a journalist & also has his own translating business focusing on sport. Dan was extremely interesting & very funny. If you love different insights into football you will enjoy this interview. Please take […]

My Team & I: Aberdeen

By Seb Gevers Twitter: @inside_left Website: Why Aberdeen? Normally you’re supposed to say something here about how your family supported the club as far back as the Saturday after the team was founded back in 18-oatcake. In my case that wasn’t really possible, seeing as I wasn’t introduced to Aberdeen FC until much later […]

Blogumentary – Stirling Albion FC

This is an exciting new beginning & I hope you enjoy it. This is only the start & it will only get better! I would like to thank Stirling Albion Football Club, especially Paul Goodwin for the wonderful access they gave me. A big thank you to Graham Ruthven not just for his interview but […]

My Team & I: Juventus

By Mina Rzouki Twitter: @MinaRzouki Website: WHY JUVENTUS? Mere words will never accurately tell the full story of my love for Juventus and explanations will rarely capture the full range of emotions I feel every time I come across anything that is linked to my beloved Bianconeri. I grew up as a Laziale. My […]

No Scottish Love For The FA Cup!

Now STV have stood up to the bigger ITV & decided not to take certain shows & make more of their own. Well having watched some of their own I am not entirely happy because it has had consequences especially for the fan of Football in Scotland. They now don’t get live matches of the […]