No Scottish Love For The FA Cup!

Now STV have stood up to the bigger ITV & decided not to take certain shows & make more of their own. Well having watched some of their own I am not entirely happy because it has had consequences especially for the fan of Football in Scotland.

They now don’t get live matches of the Scottish Champions in the Champions League unless ITV pick it, in the past ITV would do a deal with UEFA that would give STV the live feed for the Scottish sides games, now they don’t.

From the top of my head STV shows no live football outside the Champions League, ┬áITV have The FA Cup but STV don’t show it. Why not have it as a red button facility or put it on ITV 4? If you are in a house hold in Scotland without SKY or ESPN you have very little live football action & no FA Cup at all.

STV have a very good out put of football programmes like their ‘Football Years’ series & their Friday night Sports Centre is a good preview show but why have them & no live football when they can get it?

It is all down to a petty fight between STV & ITV & the Scottish public lose out as we get crap like The Hour!

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