My Team & I: Leeds United

By Matthew Mckeith Twitter: @corn33mckeith Website: Why Leeds? When I was a lot younger I didn’t really follow one specific team I just loved watching football so much. My Granddad was a massive Leeds United fan and used to tell me about some of the glory days and how good they really were in […]

A Night In The Non League

So I took in a game between Hampton & Redmond vs Lewes in the Blue Squared South League. I was invited by Cricket journalist Lizzy Ammon & met a favourite blogger of mine Stuart Fuller from TheBallisRound his site will have a proper match review & better photos. Plus their friend Lee Deacon who knew […]

Ronaldo – Fenomeno

This is a tribute to a player I consider the best I have ever seen… The one & ONLY Ronaldo. It seems he is about to hang up his boots, ending his career in Brazil playing with Corinthians. He is now certainly over weight, his knees are decimated but his grin is still there! My […]

Happy Valentine’s

Even footballer have love on Valentines Day. Maybe Pique was too much of a distraction for Zlatan at Barca. I didn’t get round to doing a look back at Gary Neville’s career, will this do? Ally always loved scoring a goal… Gazza well he just loved McCoist!

My Team & I: St Johnstone

By Steve McGillivray Twitter: @theSteve71 Why St Johnstone? One reason really. My Mum. I was taken to my first game in the inaugural season of the Scottish Premier League. My Dad and Grandad were both St Johnstone fans, but my Mum lays claim to introducing me to my hometown team………… I don’t really remember the […]

Look At The Star!

These are the first pictures of the ‘New Era’ at & after filming at Stirling Albion today I am happy it will be an exciting success. I would like to thank Paul Goodwin & Jocky Scott for their time. It was also great to meet up with Graham Ruthven, who I have been in […]

My Team & I: Everton

By Jamie Maher Twitter: @thosefeet Why Everton? Put simply, my love of Everton stems from my father. This is an adage that I imagine many others would attest to. I was born in Liverpool but my family relocated to the Midlands when I was young so my only continuing link was my through my father, […]

So It Begins!

View on ExposureRoom From this month we will be filming & editing our own original video content…. Be a part of the NEW ERA!!!

My Team & I: Chelsea

By Brent Atema Twitter: @GlobalFoot2Day Website: Why Chelsea? I suppose I will take a lot “schtick” for this, from Chelsea fans and non-Chelsea fans alike, but my initial decision to choose the club was based on some very superficial criteria. I have followed the game — predominantly the EPL — for more than 15 […]