Argentina – Do We Care?

So in this international break Argentina are playing the US & Costa Rica but really who knew? The fact is unlike their rivals Brazil not a lot of football fans seem to care about Argentina outside World Cup years. Diego Maradona as coach seemed to create interest again but as soon as the World Cup finished & El Diego left so did the interest.

Look at the Scotland Argentina friendly in 2008, the game supposedly lost the SFA money as they only got 32,000 fans through the gates. Their were complaints that at the time that the price was too high… Cheapest Brazil tickets cost the exact same. Plus the Brazil game will be on in London & its been covered by ITV. Some said Argentina will field a weakened team it didn’t have Arguero, Veron or Messi. Well Brazil don’t have Robinho, Ronaldinho or Kaka. The main attraction should have been it was Maradona’s first game in charge of Argentina but the Tartan Army was not impressed fully.

So why the difference between Brazil & Argentina?

Brazil have always been the manufactures of the beautiful game… Well not under Dunga but yes their Yellow strips do provide a magical aura. They always seem to bring through wonderfully talented players this squad has Neymar & Lucas.

But Argentina have the World’s best player in Lionel Messi! They have great talents like Sergio Arguero, Carlos Teves, Angel Di Maria, Javier Pastore & Esteban Cambiasso.

The reasons for the lack of interest seem to be these in my opinion.

1. The lack of Maradona press conferences & unusual selections means European media have lost interest.

2. They don’t play enough European friendlies.

3. Messi is not the same player for Argentina as he is for ┬áBarcelona. He has a different role. a lot more pressure & no Xavi or Iniesta to conjure up magic with. He also doesn’t have the charisma that Maradona has & had.

But the main difference between Brazil & Argentina is attitude. Brazil want to win by playing beautiful football & embracing the rest of the world by putting a smile on their face. While the Argentines have more of a ‘win at all costs’ attitude, they are more about grit, guts & discipline. If the rest of the world doesn’t like it then tough titty, they don’t care. Which is a shame as I would love to see more of the Argentines.

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  1. Boys I’m from South Africa and I salute you ! I’m supporting you in this World Cup and please me a African boy proud ! I bought your jersey and I’m saying ! ARGINTINA WE ARE NUMBER ONE IN WORLD CUP ! Wish I was there to see u play .

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