Football Anecdotes: When I Met Kenny Dalglish

This is a new series where I tell you of a few stories I have been involved in or heard of first hand. Just something a wee bit different for Sunday afternoons. So I will start with my infamous meeting with Liverpool legend and current coach Kenny Dalglish. Now I deliberately picked the top picture […]

Why You Need An iPad!

Last week I was invited to Firhill for a Partick Thistle press conference. I decided to take my iPad and see if the filming and editing capacity on it could work for blogs and online news sites. Well I was pleasantly surprised. The whole process was very easy to use and in the end the […]

My Team & I: Lille

By Andrew Gibney Twitter: @FrenchFtWeekly Website: Why Lille? I’ve always had an interest in all the European leagues but I will be honest until 2005 I’d never heard of Lille. I still remember watching Lille v Manchester United with some friends, obviously wanting the non-English team to win but knowing nothing about them. It wasn’t […]

My Team & I : Raith Rovers

By Will Lyon Twitter: @wrl1989 Website: Why Raith? I have my dad to “thank” for being a Raith fan. He was brought up in a village half way between Kirkcaldy and Dunfermline, but he chose to support the less successful team (*sigh*). I actually grew up in Jersey, but I was made aware of […]

My Team & I: Cambridge United

  By Alistair Hunter Twitter: @AliHunter1 Website: Why Cambridge? I’ve asked myself the same question for 19 years. The answer? Location, location, location. Having grown up a devout Rangers fan thanks to my Dad, living some 306 miles from Ibrox was rather an inconvenience to my craving for football. But when I was taken […]

Partick Thistle and MacB Happy Families

Today I was fortunate enough to be invited to Firhill Stadium as Partick Thistle announced a new six figure sponsorship deal with drinks company macb. As the video above shows both parties Kenny Webster of macb and Partick Thistle’s acting chairman David Beattie were delighted with the new three year deal. My day started at […]

My Team & I: Southampton

By Chris Rann Twitter: @crstig Website: Why Southampton? Well…. I was born and bred on the Isle of Wight, which has always been a pretty much 50/50 split between Saints and the blue few, but my mum is from Bootle, and all her family were either diehard Liverpool or Everton fans, subsequently I was […]

My Team & I: Brighton & Hove Albion

    By Danny Last Twitter: @DannyLast Website: Why Brighton? I’m born and bred in the area. Fans around here are divided into two categories; fans that follow Brighton and go to the games, or fans that support Chelsea, Manchester United, Spurs or Arsenal and don’t go because they pretend they can’t get tickets. I’ve always been […]

Same Old Stories

This Sunday morning our newspapers were telling us ‘Man Utd Set For Wesley Bid’, ‘Tevez Wants Out’ and ‘Barca Want Cesc’. Wow I have a feeling over the past year I have read these stories about a million times now… Ok big teams want big players I get it, Carlos Tevez hates England I get […]