Same Old Stories

This Sunday morning our newspapers were telling us ‘Man Utd Set For Wesley Bid’, ‘Tevez Wants Out’ and ‘Barca Want Cesc’. Wow I have a feeling over the past year I have read these stories about a million times now… Ok big teams want big players I get it, Carlos Tevez hates England I get it and Cesc Fabregas is from Barcelona I get it! These are now old newspaper stories until something concrete like a bid or a transfer request happens. Our Newspapers need to concentrate on delivering our news better. I know we are in summer transfer silly season but surely we can still expect new news.

Look at Arsenal Both Gael Clichy and Samir Nasri are entering their last years of their contract, a nice full story on why they may want out, who too & potential replacements would be better than another Fabregas to Barca story, I do know both have been linked away today but a more comprehensive story would be great. Their are also a few decent free transfers out there, one paper could look at them and maybe even follow one or two throughout their summer and see what its like for a player trying to find a new club. Certain papers fail to see that the newly promoted clubs in the top leagues making the most and the more interesting signings. Summer would be the ideal time to have more in-depth interviews with new faces, interesting personalities and even from faces we have forgotten. We have the current U21 Championships and the upcoming Copa America that we can evaluate and give a page or two too. There has also been the latest round of internationals that the journos can pick the bones of.

A few things I have mentioned previously on this site are very relevant here. Like the retrospective punishment all the journalists were wanting earlier this year after the Wayne Rooney/Wigan forearm incident… Well guys you want rule change, then campaign for it now when there is more chance of it actually happening. Also FIFA is huge just now, don’t let them wriggle out of it.

We also have other sports tennis: Wimbledon is just around the corner, Golf has the British Open coming up, big boxing matches coming up… Can’t believe I am saying this their is more than just football out there.

I love great transfer gossip stories but not the same old rubbish time and again. I also don’t totally blame the journalists out there I know they have papers to fill and Editors/Owners to keep happy. A summer of interesting sports stories could be great especially if papers want to start charging for use of their websites. But there are positives, we now have some wonderful interesting blogs out there, The Guardian does a lot of what I have been wanting & in Scotland we have STV Sport.

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