Sean Fallon Interview

So here is our exclusive interview with Celtic Legend Sean Fallon. Sean was Celtic’s captain in the 1950’s, he played in the 7-1 Old Firm win over Rangers and was also Jock Stein’s number two in the glory years of the 1960’s. In fact he was the second person in British football to hold the European Cup following Celtic Captain Billy McNeill.

This interview will interest every football fan as it goes through the history of a unique man.

It was an honour to interview such a fine man and I would like to thank him. I hope you enjoy. Please take time to look at the article below to view a great Lisbon Lions 67 poster and click HERE for our other videos.

12 Responses to “Sean Fallon Interview”

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  2. I enjoyed this a lot.

    It must have been some experience to sit and have a chat with him

  3. I have always wanted to speak to Sean, he is a true great, job well done!!

  4. Great interview with a great man and true Celt.

  5. Thanks guys, glad you all enjoyed it. It was an honour just to meet the man!

  6. Sean you were correct. Celtic brought Jock Stein back from Welsh football.He was signed from Llanelli. Great interview.

  7. Great guy. Still looks fabulous at 89!! Wish he would write a book. He would have amazing stories.

  8. Scott

    You have anymore of these interviews in the pipeline.

    We should capture the views of all of these older heroes, invaluable.

    Well done on this one, just superb.

  9. Thanks. I am always on the lookout, not easy but will always try.

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