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So I haven’t done a blog post or podcast in the last week. Many of you might be worried about me, intrigued about my disappearance or just nosey. A lot of you may not have not noticed and don’t really care.

Anyway I thought I would explain what I have done in the last seven days.

This week has been big for me as I have taken the first small steps into the business world.

I am in the process of getting ‘Full Time Films‘ a sports dedicated production company up and running. I will be aiming to bring more high brow sports TV content to international broadcasters. I will also be looking at working with sports associations, PR companies, football/rugby/sports clubs, sporting venues and the like with the aim of providing educational/marketing DVDs and online videos. I shall also be looking at creating high quality online adverts for any sort of sporting organisation whether that is a club/shop/venue/product.

Its important to point out that I will be interested in doing anything interesting involving any sport, obviously football will be a main one but rugby, golf, motorsport, boxing, MMA and tennis are sports I will also look at getting into.

I have years of experience in production, also I have the expertise of my father to fall back on when needed. He has his own extremely successful production company and over 25 years experience in the trade. I have had many dealings with the media and sporting companies/personalities.

Our equipment is of a high standard and it is broadcast spec. We have brand new Canon cameras, we offer autocue, portable blue/green screens, HD editing and much more. A full list of the services that we can offer will be up on your new website once that is up and running.

Within time I hope to have the opportunity to offer freelance jobs which might be in production, presenting or voice over work. In the longer term if the company becomes successful then we may look at becoming a middle man in terms of producing individuals ideas and selling them to broadcasters with a healthy cut going to the individual.

The website will be FullTimeFilms.co.uk and I hope to have a holding page up as soon as possible. The website is one of many things we are trying to sort out and I am hoping to have an exciting unique 90 second documentary to go with it once its ready.

We have videos for you all to view on this Vimeo channelĀ . This gives you a slight insight at what the company can do.

I have a lot of ideas at the moment. Many of which I look forward to trying to get an OK from broadcasters once I am on my feet and arrange meetings.

I have a main idea that I believe I can organise, film & edit and then sell to a TV station for next season. This will take up a lot of my time over the next few months. I already have a presenter and a nice shortlist of potential guests, I will be working all next week on getting these guests to agree to appear on that show.

This week I have been on the phone to football clubs in both Scotland and England as well as a foreign FA working on certain plans.

Add to that the normal business stuff like arranging a meeting with an accountant, phone calls with web designers, Skype calls discussing new ideas, training with the new equipment and dealing with setting up a company email, which is scott@fulltimefilms.co.uk its been a tiring productive first week.

I would like to thank those who have supported me and the very new company during this exciting time. People have offered their services and came out to say how much they love the idea, this has been very encouraging.

Please follow @FullTimeFilms.

Through that Twitter account and this blog I hope to inform people how everything is going with the business, if I am filming you will know, any production questions then you can ask there and if we have any exclusive footage or pictures it will go there first.

If we have any freelance jobs to advertise then I will put them up on the website and on that Twitter feed.

Once again thank you, I am back off to work!

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