TheFootyBlog.Net Euro TV Show Ep.1

Here we go… Episode 1 of the new online TV show for Euro 2012.


2 Responses to “TheFootyBlog.Net Euro TV Show Ep.1”

  1. I’m Gaffney from CelticTalk. A lot of good work put into this video including a good green screen. A lot of good content put into this 11 minute video. However I will say the video would go a lot smoother if you emoted a bit more. I’m not expert as you can hear on my podcast paradise preview but more emotion makes your points clearer and makes the video a lot more enjoyable. Keep up the good work, try and improve in every episode I will stay tuned in.

    I love this guy, different topic but his presentation is fantastic:

  2. Hahahaha I am never going to be that guy! I am Glaswegian, we don’t do that kind of emotion.

    I am hoping I will get better in front of the camera as time goes on. its mainly improvised which again makes it that bit tougher.

    Thanks for watching & I appreciate the words of advice.

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