Why Forster Should Be Flying Out To Brazil


Former England great Peter Shilton has suggested that Celtic goalkeeper Fraser Forster stands little chance of making the plane for Rio this summer because he plies his trade in Scotland.

Many in the media, especially those down south are inclined to believe Shilton. They are suggesting that Joe Hart, Ben Foster and Jack Butland will be the keepers Roy Hodgson selects as England fly out for the World Cup.

Now I am certain, if fit, then Joe Hart will go and will do so as England’s number one. He has had his fair share of mistakes this season but after a spell out at Man City he has returned and looked better after having his enforced rest. It’s also worth noting that he has always done well for his national side and has the most experience in high level matches.

The case for Ben Foster’s inclusion is based on the fact that Hodgson was his club boss at West Brom. It makes sense that Roy would select a player he trusts and Foster is quite a capable goalkeeper who does a lot in terms of research and trains hard.

But can Roy really select Jack Butland ahead of Forster or John Ruddy for that matter?

Butland has failed to dislodge Asmir Begovic as Stoke’s first choice, the eighteen year old has only managed three Premier League appearances this term. Actually those three games have been Jack’s only games in top flight league football.

Roy may say that exposing the youngster to this competition will give the goalie invaluable experience. But the thing is Jack got that experience when he went to the Euros in 2012. He got great experience at the Olympics with Team GB and with his senior debut against Italy, also in 2012.

But he hasn’t kicked on enough since 2012 to say he really merits a spot in the English pool this time around.

With Forster (25) and Ruddy (27), don’t they deserve a chance to go to a major international tournament and gain that experience too?

They have both played in top flight football this season. These were the men Hodgson selected continuously as a back-up keepers throughout England’s qualification matches.

Shilton has knocked the Scottish game and says that Forster won’t do enough in domestic games to show he is good enough for the World Cup.

But how many Celtic or Scottish Premier League matches does Peter Shilton actually watch?

Now the standard of the league isn’t as good I grant you but the Celtic keeper is still tested and Forster still does make great saves in league games.

He should be applauded for his record of 14 cleansheets in the league this term. His performance against Hibs in January at Easter Road was superb.

The Celtic giant stopper might not make as many saves as Ruddy say but the mental preparation for a goalie to go 70 or 80 minutes without doing much and then perform a fantastic save, that is a great plus for me.

Playing for Man City, can’t we argue that Joe Hart won’t be tested as much as John Ruddy during an EPL game? The fact Ruddy may have the chance to make more saves doesn’t mean he is the better goalkeeper.

We can’t overlook the fact that Forster is also winning league titles at Celtic. He is a winner and that kind of mentality could really help the rest of the international squad. Add in the fact he has had so many cleansheets and you would be taking a player brimming in self-confidence.

With Norwich and West Brom fighting a relegation dogfight can Foster and Ruddy be as confident looking ahead to Brazil?

Plus going by the argument ‘he isn’t tested enough’, he must still be ahead of Butland in the pecking order as Jack isn’t getting too much action in the first team at Stoke.

Roy Hodgson’s warning to Ashely Cole about lack of first team football should mean that Butland again should be one that misses out.

For a big tournament like this you want winners and top players who have proven themselves by playing in the top competitions.

Now you can slate Scottish football all you want but in the past two seasons Fraser Forster has shown in the Champions League he is a very good goalkeeper.

Last years heroics against Barcelona will live long in the memories of the Celtic faithful. This term he was let down by defensive errors but still showed glimpses of fantastic goalkeeping.

In his only England appearance, Forster put in a decent shift. He could do little about Chile’s goals and he did well to keep them from adding one or two more.

I have always said that it’s important that an international manager should reward those that helped take a side to major finals. Especially those squad members that turned up time and time again, even though they knew there was little to no chance of getting any minutes out on the field.

They deserve that chance as they have worked for that end goal as part of the team. Add to the fact that Fraser Forster’s exploits at Celtic merit him a spot on the plane more than most and he is a dead cert for me!

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  1. Forster isn’t an automatic choice for England due to the xenophobic jingoistic outlook that if he isn’t playing in the EPL, he just isn’t good enough. This is absolute and utter rubbish!

    He’s played CL football (where the Spanish press nicknamed him “The Great Wall” due to his performances), and he’s now had a run of 14 clean sheets where he’s had to pull off some unbelievable reaction saves. And despite what the English press claim, a fantastic save is a fantastic save whether the ball is kicked by Lionel Messi, Steven Girrard or James McFadden.

    Then again, if Lionel Messi was English, he’d probably be ignored too — because he doesn’t play in the EPL either…

  2. And what exactly has it got to do with you lot ?

  3. You lot?

  4. I would suggest that Butland playing at EPL reserve level is still far higher level than playing in any Scottish League. My 14 year old could probably keep a clean sheet if he was in goal for Celtic, thier only serious rivals got demoted to the bottom of the league.
    If England are going to consider players from the SPL they might as well consider goalkeepers playing in the Conference league as it is of a similar standard!

  5. Yeah Jelavic, Davis, McGregor, Boruc, S.Fletcher, Arteta, Naismith, McCarthy, Adam and many more must be great in the Conference too.

    Also is the reserve league better than the Champions League?

  6. TNS from the Welsh League, Clfitonville from the Irish League were both in the Champions League so what is your point?
    Celtic in the Champions League just means they are the best of a bad lot, it doesn’t mean the standard is high.
    Most players move to the SPL at the end of thier careers, Gazza being the perfect example.It is extremely rare for a player to move from SPL to EPL.
    Also, if the SPL is so good why are Celtic buying players like Leigh Griffiths from Wolves (Who was struggling in the English 3rd Tier) to bolster its strikeforce. He was banging them in last season for Hibs but couldn’t do it in Division 3.
    Speaks volumes for me that does.

  7. While I am not usually one to stick up for Celtic fans and their nonsense, some of Big Bob’s replies are hilariously stereotypical and plain stupid.

    Yes; Cliftonville and TNS got to the Champions Leage QUALIFIERS. Not the actual Champions League. Huge difference.

    Forster’s performances were actually the difference between Celtic mere getting beaten or humiliated.

    In reality, Celtic’s squad is probably lower EPL, high Championship level – around the same level as Foster / Ruddy, so that argument is really out the window to.

    Gascoigne joined Rangers aged 28. Probably about prime age for a midfielder so again, you’re talking nonsense.

    No players more from SPL to EPL? Again, ridiculously typical comment of someone who doesn’t have a clue.
    Off the top of my head here are some examples;

    Gascoigne (back again!),
    Ferguson (Barry and Duncan)

    That is just off the top of my head. I’m sure if you actually took a second to research or even think before commenting, then you will find you are very wrong.

  8. I think stu has mentioned all the points, so I don’t need to elaborate on them.

  9. As far as I am aware there have only been a few moves from SPL to EPL in the last 2 years which have been lower end teams such as Southampton.
    As for the Foreign players they just see SPL as a stepping stone to the EPL as they would the English Champoinship but they have the added “bonus” of putting Champions League on the CV because it is Celtic.
    Lets face it anyone who joins Celtic are guaranteed Champions League football as at the moment it is very much a 1 team league.
    I could perhaps take these claims seriously if Celtic ever look like actually achieving something in the Champions League (or any SPL team for that matter)

  10. Ah right, so now it’s only the past two years specifically and they don’t count as they are to lower end teams. Back tracking much? 😀

    Again; I don’t like blowing Celtic’s trumpet but they aren’t guaranteed Champions League football as you claim. I will say it again: they have to qualify. And (with a lot of good fortune) they made the last 16 last season.
    Do you think Stoke etc. would perform in the Champions League? No.

    And for the record, in recent years both Celtic and Rangers have qualified for the last 16 and both reached UEFA cup finals. Yes, not great but hardly “League 1” level.

  11. But as the article is about the English national team, how many English players have joined the top 4?

    Again Butland can’t get into Stoke side.

    No one has said SPL is as good as epl or that it isn’t a stepping stone league.

    Celtic got into last 16 last year & have beaten benfica, Ajax & barca

  12. Lovin It !!
    Just having a wind up chaps.
    In truth the English national team isn’t really anything to shout about and they need all the help they can get.
    My team (WBA) actually have a couple of decent scots in Morrison and Dorrans.
    As you say the main problems with the EPL is the lack of English players.
    The main problem in the goalkeeping department is that Joe Hart is the media “Golden Boy” so whoever does get selected will only ever play second fiddle, so it’s all academic unless he gets injured and I I think all the others in the frame are as good as each other.

  13. Ha was enjoying the debate Bob.

    Totally agree Hart wont be dropped & if fit no one has a chance of dislodging him.

    Morrison is technically English lol.

    As long as domestic players get overlooked by top sides there will be no great chance of international success imo.

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