Can Moyes Survive?


Things have never looked this bad for Manchester United in the English Premier League era.

Last nights 2-0 loss to Olympiakos is another death nail into United’s season. Should the ‘Reds’ lose the return leg in a few weeks time then that could be that for them this term.

For Man Utd to be out of Europe by mid-March isn’t great but to be out of every competition and sitting in 6th spot and eleven points away from 4th place is a catastrophe for the club.

Relatively new boss David Moyes has been an absolute failure so far.

I predicted the Glasgow born boss would struggle to adapt at United but would have settled down by now and have at least been in the ‘Top Four’.

Had it only been a few disappointing results then you could possibly see light at the end of the tunnel for Moyes. But look at the results, Man Utd have lost a whopping EIGHT matches in the league so far this season. The volume of the defeats has been horrific for the club and the beleaguered boss.

Old Trafford is far from being the fortress it once was. The side have played 13 league fixtures at home so far this campaign, drawing three games and losing four times.

United’s form in the cups hasn’t been clever either, they came to a sticky end at the hands of lowly Sunderland in the League Cup and mid-table side Swansea dumped them out of the FA Cup.

Gaffer Moyes tried to turn around his teams fortunes with the £40m January purchase of Juan Mata. But the signing hasn’t hit the ground running, partly due to Moyes struggling to fit the Spaniard into his formation.

The growing discontent shown by Robin Van Persie isn’t helping the squad. His body language has been very telling as of late. He slouches around in a bit of a daze, constantly looks disappointed and unhappy. It shows in his game too. He is missing more chances and not just missing them either, with shots reaching top rows rather than top corners. His link up play has been pretty non-existent. The Dutchman doesn’t seem up for the fight and already has one eye on the World Cup.

As we all know, the midfield at the club is in dire need of an overhaul. They need more strength, steel and guile. Moyes has had two transfer windows to sort this problem out and has so far came up with no solutions.

In the close season United will probably lose Nemanja Vidic (definitely going), Patrice Evra and Rio Ferdinand. All three have been huge stalwarts for the side but need to go. But to lose all three in the same summer can be quite unnerving for the fragile squad. Can the club handle that major disruption? It might actually be the making of some of the fringe players.

This summer will be huge for Manchester United football club and manager Davie Moyes. They will need to get their signings right.

So far we have seen that the Glazers (Man Utd owners) and Moyes aren’t scared to spend big but those two big buys have so far failed to show their worth. That isn’t really the players fault, you have to question Moyes and his vision.

That is the crux of the matter… Has Moyes got a vision for Man Utd?

At Chelsea, Jose Mourinho always seems have a plan. At Manchester City, Manuel Pellegrini has an attacking philosophy that his squad adhere to. At Liverpool, Brendan Rodgers has instilled his vision and its now bearing fruit. Even at Spurs, new boss Tim Sherwood has his own way of doing things and is willing to see it through.

But with Moyes you just can’t see his vision. He doesn’t seem to have a ‘Plan A’ never mind a ‘Plan B’. The squad is void of any creative prowess and look very tired at this early stage of the season. The teams tactics are easily read and are not slick enough.

Obviously Sir Alex Ferguson saw this coming, he knew the squad needed major changes and decided a new man was needed to implement those changes. But I doubt Fergie thought things would go this badly.

Doubts are creeping in that David Moyes ‘the chosen one’ isn’t capable of getting Man United out of this slump. No European elite football next term could mean your top targets are no longer within your reach.

Buy badly in the summer and it could be curtains for Moyes by Christmas.

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  1. Moyes will not make it to the summer. The owners can surely already see that they can’t rely on this man to get them back into the top four next season. So why leave him in charge, alienating fans and making the club a laughing stock in the meantime? The moment they seriously contemplate the idea of sacking him things will move quickly.

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