Standing Up For Malky Mackay


In my opinion Vincent Tan should never have sacked Malky Mackay. The Malaysian has ploughed vast amounts of cash into Cardiff City football team and as the owner he can do what he wants.

But now he really needs to leave the Scottish manager alone.

You can tell that Tan is just trying to deflect all the blame onto Mackay and away from himself. That isn’t fair.

The former Cardiff boss was the man that got City to the promised land of the Premier League. That was always the Tan goal. To disrespect that effort by suggesting it was lucky is just showing up Vincent Tan, not Mackay.

The Asian  businessman then tries to claim Mackay would be nothing without his investment. Now here is where the real problem lies between the two.

Tan’s ego needs to be constantly stroked. When Cardiff beat Manchester City in their first home match of the season, Tan made sure he was on the park as soon as the full-time was called. Applauding the players, hugging Mackay and taking in the fans jubilation. It was all done in front of the TV cameras as the owner took centre stage.

When things were going well, during the opening months of the season, Malky was getting a lot of praise. At the same time Tan’s nose was getting pushed out of joint. He wanted all the praise for himself.

At this point the green-eyed monster known as jealousy had totally taken over. Tan would then go on an all out campaign against his own manager, trying to force him out. Sending the Mackay an email telling him he had to quit or face being sacked was ridiculous, as if Malky would really give Tan that satisfaction.

The comments about Mackay overspending at Cardiff this summer are quite bewildering. If true, then who was signing off on these deals? The chairman Mehmet Dalman must have approved the transfers, yet he is still has his job. Plus Tan himself is the owner and the man with the cheque book, so surely he is also accountable.

Its easy to point to the Andreas Cornelius and say it was a flop. But he had limited game time due to a persistent ankle injury. Tan used the player as a stick to hit his ex-manager with instead of showing patience and waiting to see if the Dane could make an impact in Wales.

Of course Tan is actually right, Mackay was lucky and he did need Tan’s investment. But he also showed that he spent that cash wisely as he built a squad that won the Championship, got to a League cup final and were doing ok in EPL before his dismissal.

Luck can only get you so far and Mackay went beyond having just luck on his side. Mackay built on the luck he had and went on to create history with Cardiff.

The Scot left the Welsh side two months ago now. He doesn’t need Tan to come out and try and drag his name through the dirt. The Cardiff owner needs to stop trying to ruin the career of his former gaffer and help his current one in his bid to keep the ‘Bluebirds’ in the top league.

No matter what Vincent Tan says Malky’s tenure at Cardiff will always be seen a successful one. The Malaysian’s ego will never be able to destroy that even if he does succeed in destroying any positive Mackay legacy at the club.

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