Is There A Ready-Made Replacement To Takeover At Man United?


With speculation mounting that David Moyes miserable tenure at Manchester United is about to come to an abrupt end. The question is, who can come in and replace Moyes and turn things around at Old Trafford?

No doubt last nights Champions League win has bought the Scotsman some more time but should he suffer from a few more bad results and his team return to playing tame, uninspiring football then the vultures will once again hover around Moyes head.

Last summer Pep Guardiola, Jose Mourinho and Carlo Ancelotti all found new homes. They have all done well with their new jobs and are unlikely to be available any time soon.

So whose names could make up the Man Utd board’s shortlist should they decide Moyes time is up? Well I have decided to have a look at the likely candidates and give my verdict.

Jurgen Klopp

The German definitely fits the bill. At 46, he is at a good age and would look to build a legacy at United. The Dortmund boss has proven in the past that he’s very capable of rebuilding squads that can challenge for trophies in Europe’s elite competitions.

At ‘Der BVB’ Klopp has shown he is a winner, with two Bundesliga triumphs and a German Cup on his honours list. The German has great man management skills and also has a keen eye for gifted youngsters. Dortmund play with a superb attacking style that comes straight from Klopp’s philosophy. The Stuttgart native is also a fan of the English Premier League.

So all in all Jurgen Klopp would be a fantastic choice for Manchester Utd but would he be willing to leave the Westfalestadion? Now this is where I believe the biggest sticking point lies. I believe that Klopp does indeed want to build a legacy but at Dortmund in the Bundesliga not in Manchester.

Ryan Giggs

Well no doubt a certain group of supporters will push for this one as he is a fans favourite that embodies the successful times at United.

But at the age of 40 and having no managerial experience could he handle the top job at this time? I doubt it. Would be better being a number two and helping the new man (should we see one).

Given time, and should he show signs of being worthy of such a position, then Giggs’ name will always pop up when discussing possible new gaffers at Man Utd.

Luciano Spalletti

Well the Italian is available, so that’s why his name might get mentioned.

Had a good time of it at Zenit St Petersburg before his sacking earlier this year. Has won trophies in his managerial career with two Coppa Italia wins, two Russian league titles and a Russian Cup.

The main worry for United would be that his CV is good but not fantastic, especially in Europe. He is also a bit of an unknown for the everyday Man Utd fan and the average shareholder or possible shareholder.

Michael Laudrup

I am still very unsure about Laudrup as a long term boss.

He seems great at coming in and getting an immediate impact then things seem to fall apart. Since his Brondby days he hasn’t actually seen out two years at a club. He’s had a few fall outs with his teams hierarchies and that could also be seen as a negative for United board members.

Needs to find a decent club and stay there for a few years and prove himself as a long term manager before being considered for one of the really big jobs.

Mauricio Pochettino

The Argentine has totally transformed Southampton during his stint at the south coast club. His pressing and creative tactics have impressed many a fan in England. Those philosophies will endear him to the United faithful.

The 42 year old seems to have the ability to integrate new foreign imports with domestic players currently in the side. Another plus point as far as Man Utd are concerned would be Pochettino’s eagerness to give youth its chance.

A few points of concern would be his lack of European pedigree as a coach and the failure to handle Dani Osvaldo properly this term.

Could be a great boss at Old Trafford but would represent a risky choice for the Glazers (United Owners) and that might not be what they are looking for after the Moyes era.

Antonio Conte

Again the Juventus boss has a great track record for winning titles. He also has the qualities needed to rebuild sides and make clubs great again.

His lack of time outside of Italy may be a problem plus he is Juve through and through. So it could be extremely tough to convince him to leave Turin.

One that would probably fire up the Man Utd squad but I am really not sure his heart would want to be there.

Louis van Gaal

Could be a decent shout if United decide on an old head to steady the ship for a few years and then hand the reigns over to someone like the previously mentioned Giggs.

Has had success with major sides like Ajax, Barcelona and Bayern Munich in the past. He also has the confidence to come in and shake things up a bit and not live in the shadow of Sir Alex.

He has had quite a few run ins with players and board members at his previous clubs, that may not go down well with the United owners.

Rudi Garcia

At AS Roma, Garcia has really cemented his reputation as being a very astute coach. The Frenchman showed his worth when he succeed at the unfancied Lille.

At the French side he brought through the likes of Eden Hazard and Yohan Cabaye. He is also very good at giving the older players more responsibility in his squads and they react well to that. Players like Michael Carrick, Wayne Rooney and Robin van Persie would probably enjoy working with Garcia.

Roma have been rejuvenated since his arrival in Serie A and shouldn’t be underestimated as a top class manager.

Problem is that the average fan would still need to be convinced, the Italian league isn’t as respected as it once was and that he too hasn’t done enough in European competition.

Sir Alex Ferguson

Well could the unthinkable actually happen?

I seriously doubt it. Not even Sir Alex and his ego would believe he could walk in and make everything ok again.

Lets face it, he left for a reason and I don’t think he would do his legacy much good if he came back now and couldn’t instantly restore the glory days.


There you have it. A who’s who of potential candidates that may be seen as men ready to change Man United’s fortunes. As you can see for yourself the list isn’t huge and it doesn’t have an obvious front runner unless Jurgen Klopp is willing to leave Dortmund.

Obviously with the ‘Red Devils’ overturning a 2-0 deficit against Olympiakos, Moyes will survive another day but his position is still far from being secure as his side struggle to build on good performances. So that is why I believe this article is still relevant. 

This post was inspired by my girlfriend who asked me who could replace Moyes before the Olympiakos match. I was struggling to give her an answer, thats how difficult it is at the moment to see an ideal replacement. 

3 Responses to “Is There A Ready-Made Replacement To Takeover At Man United?”

  1. Jurgen Klopp for me every time and I have been writing to forums saying so for ages!
    Klopp is a perfect fit for United. He has the passion which Sir Alex had. He plays the type of football United are renown for and he has tactical nous which cannot be said for a certain United manager at present!
    Would he leave Dortmund?
    Well look at their current situation.
    Dortmund have suffered many injuries this season which has left them way behind Bayern, not that it would have made much difference even if everyone had been fit.
    Gotze has left, Lewandowski is soon to follow and Gundogan could go to PLUS Reus is constantly being scouted to move to a bigger club.
    So let’s say Klopp comes to United. Reus could follow him along with Gundogan and don’t forget Kagawa is already at Old Trafford, so quite a little ex-Dortmund get together.
    Bayern could continue their dominance in the Bundesliga and Klopp could do the same with United in the PL.
    Am I dreaming?
    Well money talks they say and if Klopp was to be offered the United job, would he be able to refuse?
    I hope not but the thought of Moyes continuing and bringing in players such as Coleman, frightens the hell out of me!
    Sack Moyes asap and get the right man in to continue where SAF left off – Jurgen Klopp!!!

  2. A lot of good points. Seeing his team dismantled every season must be hard.

  3. I would love to see Klopp in the EPL!

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