Man United Protest Leaves A Bad Taste In The Mouth


As an aeroplane flew over Old Trafford displaying the words ‘Wrong One – Moyes Out!’, you got the impression that this was the true moment that Sir Alex Ferguson’s glory era had definitely ended.

The incident itself was in very poor taste and seemed to focus on the only goal of humiliating Manchester United manger David Moyes.

Now we can’t overlook the fact that this season has been very disappointing for all involved at Man United but this protest just lacked any class and dignity.

These particular Manchester Utd fans have been spoiled for too long and obviously crave attention. No football fan, and I mean this, should expect their team to win everything. Football fans need to get a reality check at times and remember that winning usually comes in eras. United were very successful in the league during 1960s but then had to wait 26 years for another league title. Fergie would then oversee his side win another 12 titles in the next twenty years.

That success is incredible but it also breeds an element of supporters who start to believe that their club have a god given right to win and be successful. This just isn’t the case.

Now that doesn’t mean fans have to be happy with their manager and they should be allowed to voice their opinions. But they should do that in the proper manner. Boo at half time and full time for example, its an old tradition but its a good one. Or stay away from the ground, owners will look at the empty seats and act accordingly. Some will say ‘but that isn’t supporting the club’, true but its a more dignified way to show your anger than renting out a plane.

Ideally it would be better for their team if they cheered on the side while they are still in the Champions League. I know Bayern Munich are heavy favourites but stranger things have happened, just look at Chelsea’s tournament victory from a few years back.

This very public show of opposition from certain United fans only adds to the negativity that surrounds the dressing room at the moment. Now I don’t have a lot of sympathy for the squad as they have let their club down for most of the season but they still seem to be absolved of any blame with some of the support.

The fact that these same Man Utd devotees have turned on the legendary Sir Alex Ferguson just shows how ungrateful and truly ignorant they actually are. Yes Fergie didn’t leave his successor with the best of squads but he left the job after securing a wonderful legacy that probably won’t be bettered! Even if he’s made a mistake in choosing Moyes as his heir to the Old Trafford throne, he still deserves the upmost respect.

One other point I’d like to make is this… Who on earth has a spare £800 quid in the bank and believe that the best way to spend it is by making a stupid banner, order a plane and humiliate a gentleman at his workplace? Spend it on charity, on your local football team, on your family, keep it for a rainy day or pretty much anything else!

I know most of the Man United fans are unhappy with the football they have seen this season. The majority of them have continued to cheer on the men that wear the same colours as they do each weekend. Maybe during the summer they will reassess the Moyes situation and become more vocal in their dislike for the current regime but at least they know that it pointless turning against the team at this (still crucial) time. What a shame that they have all been let down by a few individuals who have no style and are only interested in getting newspaper columns by making a crass statement.

Plus for those of the so-called supporters think about what you’d have done had a group of rival fans had done this same protest in the past two decades. You would have ridiculed them!

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