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It must be a bit tough being Ally McCoist this week. It seems like everyone and their auntie wants the Rangers boss out of his job. He is quickly turning into Scotland’s version of Arsene Wenger.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a person who thinks for himself and is quite capable of arguing my point. So for readers that know me, they won’t be too surprised to see me come out in support of the beleaguered Rangers gaffer.

Now I should state that McCoist is my all-time footballing hero. So I could very well be biased here. But I don’t shirk in telling you that. Others that have commented against him will probably be slightly biased too and have their own agendas.

My main issues for supporting Ally are quite simple.

People are comparing his reign to that of men like Graeme Souness, Walter Smith, Dick Advocaat, Scot Symon and Bill Struth. This is utterly ridiculous. Eras change and not one of those former bosses had anywhere near the same problems to deal with as McCoist does now (both on and off the park).

McCoist’s league record since he took charge at Ibrox has actually been not bad. They finished second in the SPL after suffering administration back in 2012.

They were then sent to the third division after liquidation and won that league in a canter. This term they have already wrapped up the SPFL League One title, without losing a game. In fact so far in 42 competitive matches this campaign, the ‘Gers’ have only lost two games.

Now those games were ultimately big games in the minds of the fans, some see it as very embarrassing for the Ibrox outfit.

But why on earth do Rangers fans expect to win every single match and competition? I have never understood football fans who expect to win everything. They are spoiled and have been for so long that they can’t see that the world doesn’t revolve around them or their team. Show a bit of humility and congratulate Raith Rovers on a fine triumph (a team that play in a better standard of league).

People will say ‘Oh but Rangers have the second biggest wage budget!’. Very true but going on that logic, Celtic should be handed the treble every single summer as they currently have the highest wage bill. Football (thankfully) doesn’t work like that!

Th players haven’t played well enough and McCoist can’t motivate them! Again very true but I have spoken to a few ex-pros and they have said to me that its not easy to fire yourself up to play inferior opponents. It is all in the mind, I don’t think there is much you can do to change that mindset within players who are used to playing in the country’s top league. If the players don’t improve with each promotion then that will be more of an issue.

Also many a fan and pundit seems to be saying this isn’t the standard of play we are used to at Ibrox. Well no of course it isn’t. You aren’t watching players like Brian Laudrup, Paul Gascoigne, Giovanni Van Bronckhorst, Michael Mols, Dado Prso or the like. The club can’t afford those types of players anymore and even if they could they wouldn’t turn up for games in Scotland’s third tier.

Complaints have been made that the football on show at Ibrox has been terrible. Listen I watched Rangers constantly during the 9 in a row days, during the Advocaat revolution, the McLeish years, PLG’s dire tenure and Smith’s second coming. During all those eras Rangers fans witness some dreadful games of football. If you believe differently then you are deluded.

Also be careful what you wish for.

Who out there do you want to see as the next Rangers manager? Will anyone that is decent enough in the eyes of the fans want to work at Murray Park at this stage with boardroom turmoil and such happening at the moment? Can the club afford a good replacement if one was found? Can that replacement build a better team and cut costs at the same time? If Rangers were to suffer administration number two would a new manager stick around?

Remember when Alex McLeish left his post as Rangers manager? How Paul Le Guen was hailed as a saviour? How long did he last? His sides played nice football, unfortunately they couldn’t win enough games and he lost the fans as well as the dressing room. He was gone in six months!

Sometimes football supporters have to take in the bigger picture and stop demanding everything yesterday.

McCoist stood by Rangers and the clubs faithful fans. Is it not the time to repay that showing of support? When the chips were down Ally McCoist stood up to messrs Whyte and Green, when it came to a vote on boardroom backing he gave his vote back to the fans, he has taken pay cuts, he has been at the end of abuse from away fans, opposition players, the media and even from his own employers and the clubs fans. With all that pressure he has handled himself in the most part with dignity and did all he could to help rebuild Rangers Football Club.

By all means moan at the teams performances and if you want to ask for the managers head then do so. But why don’t you offer the man respect and also come up with legitimate plan B’s.

For me, I would allow the current Rangers manager time to see his job through, get them back into Scotland’s elite and then judge him from there. Should he not get Rangers back to the promised land then I too will say its time for Ally McCoist to walk away from his job.

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  1. I get your point , and on the surface it may seem very true .
    You are totally missing the point , the point is Rangers as a team have no style of play , they are so predictable , they have no flare and no skill , this is mcoists team , no doubt. He has signed all ex SPL players and everyone of them have failed. Just look at what macnamara has done at United and mcall at Motherwell , the fact IS they are way ahead of us and there budget is less than a quarter of ours.
    The fans are not impressed with playing one striker up front in every game against part timers , and I know his excuse is well a load of English premier teams play that way bla bla bla , the difference being these teams have the tactical know how to turn a 1 man attack into a 3 man attack in a split second , Mcoist does not, Durrant has done nothing to earn his place as a first team coach , nothing , Mcoist learned from the grandmaster of negative football , Walter . Difference being Walter could spot a player to play un his negative system and he could get the most from his players .
    The famous comment from the manager that training hasn’t changed in 20 years is the most ignorant arrogant comment I have ever heard from a manager.
    Mostly every club in Europe have double sessions at least 3 times a week , you don’t have to be doing physical work in the second session , but discussions on set pieces , tactics , opposition etc are all a must.

  2. Sorry Scott, Disagree, I have very quickly [last 6 months] turned from loving the man to loathing, every Monday in life it is the same statements !!!!!
    Struth/Symon/Waddell/Wallace/Sounness/Advoacat would have cancelled sunday nights party and had them dressed down the next morning, Ally, he leads the party !!!!!! Then again, doe she actually have the skills to do the dressing down ???? I do not think so

    Well said John

  3. Thanks for the comment John.

    I think the tactics will be seen as what he will provide for the future and getting team ready for that. I too like playing with more than one up top and have enjoyed watching Liverpool this term but they are still in a minority.

    As far as tactics go, I think McCoist has to learn that he needs to change things sooner rather than later but I’d argue this isn’t really his squad as he has had his hands tied behind his back during transfer windows.

    I haven’t seen the training quote before. But i can assure you that training at Rangers has changed dramatically between Aly’s playing days to that of todays methods at Murray Park. I was there a few years ago with my dad who used to film Gers training back in the late 80s early 90s & he said it was unrecognisable. They have more equipment and coaches for a start. Plus less running.

    I doubt Gers fans would put up with inconsistent results Motherwell and Dundee Utd get imho.

    Last time I checked MP had state of the art video/editing facilities that were well used.

    May I ask who you’d have to replace McCoist? Cheers.

  4. LW – Thanks for the comment.

    Its seems to be a Gers tradition to have a party after a final, win or lose. But I agree it wasn’t the smartest move especially with a big game coming up.

    May I ask who you’d have in charge?

  5. Scott

    I am really at a loss for that kind of thinking at the minute, watching 11 men in our box with no out ball, watching schoolboys style drfts to one side of the park from opposition kick outs, watching corners that can’t get by the first defender, Proffessionals that can’t pass, free kicks that invariably mean, Black to A.N.Other to stop the ball and let Big Jig Blooter it, I am really sick of it.

    At 60 years of age and memories back to a five year old at Ibrox, the best “football” I seen [IMO] was the Sounness era [Apart from his tackle against Stau !!!] and the fall out with the tea lady at ST Johnstone, If I won the Euromillions I would go back to Sounness cap in hand to instil some discipline / pride.

  6. I am not convinced Souness could do anything without cash to spend. Also he has been away from managing so long I would see it as a step back.

  7. He Can have my Euromillions !!!!!! I don’t need all that at 60 !!!!!!

  8. After thoughts !!!!!!

    Scott, I just cant see Sounness as a step Back, right now we have a guy who is showing he is not capable of management and never will be, Sunday nights escapade shows he still thinks he is one of the boys, managers need to have difficult conversations now and then, have you heard anything in the bubbly everyone’s pal Ally that he is capable of doing this ????

  9. We’ve enough outsiders pressing the eject button and slating Rangers.

    Now is the time for all real Rangers fans to get behind the Ally and the team.

    We’ll see how good Jackie’s boys are soon enough…..any given Sunday, well any given Saturday this week.

    Simply the best

  10. @LW – I think it is unfair to say Ally will never have what it takes to be a manager. He was made an offer he couldn’t refuse when given the role of manager. Unfortunately it’s his first role and he could have done with starting out at another team before-hand but it’s not the case. He is now in the constant limelight and will continue to be until he leaves or is given his marching orders. You cannot fault his passion and enthusiasm for his club though. Many a manager would have got out by now. I think it unfair to hypothesize his managerial ability based on a few years in charge of a club in absolute turmoil. There’s alot to learn.

    Like so many you are living in the past and reminiscing of the good ole days. Regardless of how you look at it getting Souness back would be a step back for the club. Rangers need to move onwards and upwards. They need to freshen up in every sense of the word. They need 3-4 role models for the young kid to look up to and learn from.

    @scott – with a £7 million pound wage bill they SHOULD be winning every single game by wide margins. The fact of the matter is it is the wage bill is not relevant to the ability of the players.

  11. Craig – They should but we all know that isn’t how football works. Look at Fernando Torres!

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