Why Griffiths Time Should Be Up At Celtic

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In 1888 Celtic were formed, it was done so to help out those in poverty, to stand against prejudice and the club was all for equality.

Fast forward to the present day and Celtic are now finding themselves in a bit of a dilemma. The Parkhead side brought in Wolves striker Leigh Griffiths for £800k, back in January. The Scottish international came in with a lot of baggage. He has been in trouble with the police and seemed to be a bit of a social nuisance.

Celtic manager Neil Lennon thought he could make Griffiths change his ways. The player himself declared he was now a reformed character upon signing for the ‘Hoops’. He made an instant impact on the pitch, scoring five times in ten outings.

But then came a Youtube video that showed Griffiths drinking in a pub with Hibs fans on the day of the Edinburgh derby. The Hibees childhood supporter and former player would be seen coaxed into singing a song. The footballer decided to sing about Hearts and their current financial mess. The episode was in bad taste and showed the world that Griffiths still had to a lot of growing up to do.

Celtic immediately disciplined the striker, handed him a final warning and offered Hearts an apology. The act was stupid but it was easily dealt with by his employers.

The SFA decided that they too wanted to investigate the incident. Celtic took exception to this and said that they had dealt with the issue internally and that should be an end of it.

But unfortunately for Celtic the matter wasn’t finished. In this past weeks Sunday’s tabloids a new video appeared and the footage would cause a huge stir in the Glasgow clubs boardroom and with their supporters. The new video showed the forward singing a song about Rudi Skacel, calling the Czech a ‘refugee’ in a derogatory (racist) way.

Celtic are now left red-faced and ultimately now need to decide if the player has a future at the club. After all they had just written a stern statement to the SFA saying that matter had been dealt with properly. Not knowing the whole truth of Leigh’s escapades from his day in Scotland’s capital.

Neil Lennon, who has himself been victim of racism and sectarian abuse, has previously came out and said that Celtic have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to racism and prejudice.

The Griffiths sing-song also irks as it goes against the foundations of both Celtic and Hibs, each formed by Irish immigrants. If Skacel is classed as a refugee then surely the same can be said of these honourable men who founded these clubs in Scotland late in the 19th century.

Celtic are also a cosmopolitan club with a worldwide fan base, who employ a various amount of foreigners. The term and how it was used by Griffiths spits in the face of all Celtic do to show that the are a club of equality and tolerance.

I am sure Griffiths truly regrets his actions, mainly because he was caught and his job is now under threat. He must have lied to his employers, who would have asked him if there was anything else they needed to know. Ultimately he has committed an act that can only be seen as gross misconduct.

At 23 years of age, surely the international striker is old enough to know that he can’t sing-a-long with fans when they sing certain songs. He must notice by now that he should stay away from Edinburgh, especially on derby days. Plus a wee tip Leigh, you are a professional footballer getting paid a great deal of money every week. With this high wage you should probably stay away from bars and lookout for mobile phones that can film you!

If any member of the Celtic staff, say a Celtic club shop employee, were caught singing racist songs. Do we honestly think that Celtic would retain that member of staffs services? No they would be sacked after a quick investigation. Especially after a previous warning!

Old Firm fans are often criticised for all these kinds of disgraceful antics. The police are now out in force handing out banning orders left, right and centre. So we can’t have one law for us and another for players. They have to act responsibly and be held fully accountable for their actions.

Celtic football club need to be strong and show Leigh Griffiths the door (probably sue him for breaching his contract). He has let the club down, quite spectacularly even by his own shambolic standards.  The club need to show that they are true to their word and won’t put up with such ignorant intolerance. They have to show the fans and the rest of the footballing world that they have morals and believe in the ideals that helped create the club.

They also need to do it as quickly as possible. It can’t be swept under the carpet and too much of a delay will be see Celtic seem unsure in what they truly stand for.

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  1. Celtic will conduct their own investigation and will decide accordingly what punishment is appropriate and if the player should be given a second chance (the article says ‘Especially after a previous warning!’ but given it was part of the same incident this is probably a bit optimistic).

    ‘Promoting Equality’ along with ‘Encouraging Learning in People’ are two of Celtics 4 core values. They will not be dictated to my media outlets and opinion columns which if these should take precedent.

  2. Give it a rest the mock offence was tired by the end of the first day it ran. Griffiths was singing a song that has been sung by Hibs fans for years and I had not even heard of it before this farce. Sure let it be known that as a Celtic player the club do not condone such but some stocktaking has to be done on separating hysteria from reality

  3. Big G – Same incident but different offence. Out of interest when do you decide that a person may never learn?

    Funny that Celtic fans want to dictate to club but then go crazy when media and the like comment too.

    Scotcelt – You can’t decide what is offensive and what isn’t. That is what laws are for. At least one person has been prosecuted for singing that same song and police are looking into the Griffiths incident.

    Hysteria was on Sunday. I took a few days to take stock and then commentated. I can assure you I’d be sacked had I done it. Footballers should be held to same standards.

  4. Spot on big g, The MSM are spinning it along the lines of ” he hasent learned from the last time”

  5. in my defence I mean he hasn’t learned from getting into trouble with previous managers, making obscene gestures to crowds and getting picked up by the police,

  6. True scott but is also the case this particular aspect of law is highly subjective and where enormous scope seems to be used as to when and when not it is enforced

  7. To be honest if he wasn’t playing for Celtic he would not have been in trouble at all now

  8. Sadly I think you are right. I say sadly because no footballer should act that way imo. But OF players do get picked out and Griffiths should have known that.

  9. Know what your saying scott but does irk me that there is no mention of Hibs in this whole drama shouldn’t it actually be their problem primarily and Griffiths simply one of many of their fans who choose to sing this song?

  10. I actually don’t think he realised he would cop flack on this occasion. That said I have no doubt he now realises that while he is playing for Celtic even farting on a train will be spun as a terrorist attack

  11. Oh if the police are investigating the incident then they need to collar as many people in the footage as possible. It can’t just be one guy. Got a feeling it may all get brushed under the carpet. I think Leigh will never ever learn unfortunately. These things are pretty simple and he just doesn’t get it.

  12. Had thought about your point also mate. Everyone about him is singing the same songs. WHile not surprised I have to admit it was another sigh from myself when the headlines of Griffiths leads fans in singing etc etc .
    Regards his long term behaviour fingers crossed and was always an issue when we signed him. Would like to think that how much he knows the oppertuiny he has holds some weight. He is actually only a noy and to be honest has never really done anything really bad. Unfortunately such holds little sway when the media want a story and he has managed to attract a lot of attention at low profile clubs so he and the club will have their work cut out to avoid such in the future given he is now THE prime tabloid target in Scottish fitba

  13. noy=boy

  14. hey guys is this a luv in ?

    The boy is real talent – the problem is he is a nutjob. No doubt he has done wrong, its whats next. IMO, a sefl imposed 3-6m ban, wages penalty, redirection to hearts youth development and a public apology. OR sack the dim wit and move on. Celtic do not need this mis direction.

  15. Pray for the easily offended.

    Goram, Gazza, Nova and many more have said worse. And not a peep.

    Are you a jew? Constantly offended, or do you work for the Sun or The Daily Record?

    You must be desperate for page hits. Away and have a lie down and quit puffing on that crack pipe son.

  16. Scotscelt – But he isn’t a boy… He has four kids and needs to start being a responsible man.

    Mikeeeee – Actually wouldn’t argue with any of that tbh.

    BS – I am not a jew but thanks for asking. I believe that Gazza should have been sacked for the flute episode. But the real truth is that Rangers don’t/didn’t have the same moral stand point Celtic have. From their beginning to Lennon’s recent comments they stand against certain issues like racism.

  17. You’d almost think that someone was deliberately trying to get Griffiths into trouble, by ‘drip-feeding’ the two videos one at a time to the media, when they were part of the same incident, at the same time.

    Or is a section of the media doing the ‘drip-feeding’, simply to create the maximum storm in a teacup effect among those who spend their time looking for things to be offended about, in order to demonstrate their own politically-correct sensitivity to the world, and bolster their own sense of self-importance?

  18. It was pretty poor from Griffiths to get himself caught up in the situation but I believe his crime to be stupidity rather than racism.

    I do not know him personally and in truth know nothing about his real character – I have plenty of friends who have a drink and turn into a different animal so I am unable to judge from afar.

    This is why I think the club will decide if they feel they can work with him and if they decide he is worth pursuing with then I imagine this will be his second last incident as a Celtic player.

  19. Tony – I agree the media will have exposed this at times to suit themselves, but that doesn’t deflect from the fact that he did still sing a very stupid song. Also a bit funny for Celtic fans to complain for years and years about discrimination, to then turn a blind eye to this sort of thing.

    Big G – The main point of the song is to slag off Skacel and in doing so it brings up his race quite clearly.

    We shall see what the club do next. At the very least he needs more than a slap on the wrist and needs to seek professional help.

  20. Drip feed indeed!

    Watch the two videos, one after the other and splice them together. What you’ll see is the end of the “Hun’s going bust” and he sits down after it while the next song starts.

    It is a non issue. He could hear what song was coming and got down asap. Maybe he is learning something…

  21. If you look again, look at those standing to Leigh’s left hand side. They are different in both videos as he goes down. He clearly started the Rudi song and then sat down or was pulled down.

  22. Off the pitch Griffiths is a shambolic character equally as dysfunctional as Derek Riordan has been.

    Nobody need try get him into trouble he will manage that all by himself. Prediction this won’t be the last time he embarrasses himself or Celtic.

    Sooner or later the penny will drop with those currently trying to defend him.

    He is a scummy wee radge no matter how good he is at football he is trouble off it.

  23. He didn’t sing the whole song, only rudi skacel is a, why should he be sacked for one incident ? For one, he didn’t say anything that was racist, nor offensive, so calm the
    fuck down

  24. So that is the defence now. He isn’t seen singing the whole song! Brilliant.

  25. None so blind as those who will not see……..he was purposely overlooked by both Hibs and Hearts at youth level because even then the kid was trouble it was only when he started scoring goals in the professional league’s that Hibs became interested, even though he scored regularly for Wolves they had the measure of him and got shot of him on loan and then finally sold back to Scottish clubs at each opportunity.

    Those defending him will end up with egg on their faces, believe me it’s only a matter of time.

    If anything Griffiths is even worse than Riordan and that is going some.

  26. Scott – “At the very least he needs more than a slap on the wrist and needs to seek professional help.”

    Awwww, gimmee a break!….Does EVERYONE who’s ever sung a derogatory fitba-related song or made a racist comment require professional help? What about the others who were singing along with Griffiths?

    Or how about you, for example? Are you now going to claim a spotless snow white character and complete innocence when it comes to this subject?

    For example, will you claim you’ve NEVER told a joke that could be construed as ‘racist’ by the hyper-sensitive numpties who actively seek out things to be “terribly offended” about? If you admit that you have, have you sought “professional help”?….. No?….. Why not?

    The ONLY reason the Griffiths incident is in the news is because he plays for Celtic. If he was a plumber, or a bus driver, or one of your workmates, we’d never have heard a word about the incident.

    But the media relies on controversy to sell newspapers, and give the hyper-sensitive offence-seekers the opportunity to wail, rend their garments, gnash their teeth and generally ponce about, trying to prove to everyone how caring and sensitive they are.

    It’s a scene you’ll see repeated in any fitba’ supporters pub, anywhere, and despite the over-the-top fuss, it’s time the ultra-sensitive PC crowd got off their high horse, climbed down from their soapboxes and got over themselves.

  27. Tony – People get sacked, receive court appearances and have been banned from football for singing such songs.

    If this was just the first incident then ok maybe he doesn’t need any help and he could learn but he has been in plenty of trouble in last 5 years.

    As for me, no I am not spotless clean… Big difference though I learned my lessons, grew up and regret certain things I have done in the past. I also never got caught and wasn’t work related. I’d learned by 15 when it came to football and was taught at a very early age about racism!

    Again Plumbers and the like have been hauled up in front of judges for same offence. That is a big difference, players actually get away with more than you or I.

    Also I don’t doubt it happens all over the land, but it shouldn’t. If Rangers sing anti-Irish songs is that ok now?

  28. Scott –Yes, people are punished legally for singing songs deemed to be inappropriate, although legislation certainly doesn’t change the way people think. It happens whether it should or shouldn’t, and it’ll continue to happen whether it’s right or wrong.

    Legislating against speeding for example, has been in place for many years. But it doesn’t stop people speeding. It just catches an occasional wrongdoer and takes them to court. Speeding continues.

    Griffiths got caught on camera doing exactly what fans all over the world do. If he was Joe McPherson, plumber, there wouldn’t be 1/10th of 1% of the feigned shock and horror on display at the moment, because everyone would know they’ve seen (and done) exactly the same thing, while among fellow supporters.

    It’s NOT a capital offence and most certainly NOT a valid reason “Why Griffiths Time Should Be Up At Celtic”, as your overly-dramatic headline claims.

  29. Tony – I don’t disagree with you that the attention is heightened because he is a footballer at Celtic. But then again he should have known that.

    Its not a capital offence but as Lennon has said Celtic as a company run a zero tolerance policy when it comes to this kind of intolerance. As I keep saying its written in many contract that such antics are deemed as being gross misconduct and is a sackable offence.

    Also you are right it won’t leave our society completely, but that shouldn’t mean that we just sit back and accept it.

  30. Scott — Is it racist to tell a joke about Pat & Mick, in which Irishmen are the butt of the joke? How about if the joke makes the Irishmen appear really smart? Or a joke that makes a Scotsman look cheap? What if it makes him seem courageous or clever?

    Or is it only racist if a black person or a muslim is mentioned? What about cowboy jokes? Exactly how explicit should the legal definition of racism be? Should legislation be introduced to stop these “racist” jokes?

    Should *everyone* who tells a joke like those mentioned above, be charged and brought to court?

    More importantly, should he/she lose his job over it? Because this is very obviously what you’re advocating by your headline ““Why Griffiths Time Should Be Up At Celtic”.

    Griffiths’ mistake and it was a mistake!) was brought to light ONLY because he plays for Celtic, and you’re simply keeping the pot boiling over what would normally be regarded as a trivial and insignificant incident among any group of fitba’ fans.

    It’s only the Press and the politically-correct numpties (and possibly certain people who aren’t Celtic fans?) who are having fits of the vapours, swooning in fake shock and horror, and demanding his head, so maybe you should stop making a mountain out of a molehill. Leave that to the plonkers — and there’s certainly plenty of them in the SFA.

    ““Why Griffiths Time Should Be Up At Celtic”????…. Talk about stretching the bounds of credibiity?

  31. As a title it doesn’t advocate anything, you are looking at it that way. I can’t help that.

    In terms of jokes. Do I make those sorts of jokes? No. But thing with jokes is this. Its all about the subject of the joke. Sometimes what is seen as a racist is actually a mirror image of society and the joke is actually against the racist. If the joke has malicious intent then it stops being a joke.

    Have people lost jobs because of jokes? Yes!

    No shock or horror here. I expected it from Griffiths. Most employers would sack you for that kind of ignorance.

    Stretching the bounds of credibility… Again that comes from a quote direct from Neil Lennon and the clubs zero tolerance policy.

  32. Cant agree more Tony am turning 50 in a couple of months and over recent years I have been more and more grateful not to be starting my life in this era of PC gone mad. While I have nothing but praise for the way society has dealt with major issues in regards discrimination the hijacking of such to suit one agenda or another has the making of a very dull sterile world.
    Does anyone know if this song is sung at Easter Road or at away games? If so then I find it really strange to have never heard it comment regarding it before.

  33. Listen if you guys get your kicks from a guy slagging off a man because of his race then well done you.

  34. Ahhh, Scott……. Now you’re resorting to twisting things to suit your argument. No-one claimed to be getting kicks because Griffiths slagged off Skacel. YOU’RE introducing that red herring.

    Is it at all possible that Griffiths slagged off Skacel simply because he plays for a rival team? My goodness, no! Griffiths is a Celtic player — so it MUST be racism.

    And the title of your article *IS* a statement, as is the comment in your article that “Celtic football club need to be strong and show Leigh Griffiths the door …”. So that certainly refutes your backtracking, by claiming that it’s just MY way of interpreting your article title.

    You want Griffiths shown the door for singing a stupid song? I can only hope that you don’t get kicked off that incredibly high soapbox by your high horse, and that you don’t make any future mistakes in life..

  35. Tony its not his first mistake & its gross misconduct simple as that. He may not like Skacel & that is fine but he brought race into it.

  36. Griffiths was making headlines for the wrong reasons long before he played for Celtic and not just now because of that reason.

    His multiple mothers of his numerous children harem / household, shoplifting bottles of elucidate, fighting incidents and trouble on the buses were all news stories of Griffiths symbolic or odious behaviour long before he ever wore the hoops.

    This Leopard won’t change his spots and its not just simply anti Celtic elements in the MSM.

    The guy is trouble and attracts trouble, fact!

  37. Scott – If your knee-jerk reaction is to label the accusation of someone being called “a refugee” as GROSS misconduct, it certainly doesn’t allow you any room for labelling *TRULY* major offences.

    In a ‘gross’ over-reaction, you’re suggesting using a sledgehammer to crack a walnut But please don’t let that prevent you from mounting your high horse to polish your holiier-than-thou attitude.

    Once again though, I can only hope that you are shown a little more understanding when you make mistakes. Like when you make bold, sweeping statements for example, then blame others for misinterpreting those statements, while ignoring the fact that you’ve repeated the same sentiment in the body of the article, and then totally avoiding admitting your obvious ‘mistake’ when it’s pointed out to you, rather than admitting your error. Is THAT gross misconduct on your part?

    Charlie Brown – Anthony Stokes has been given a few chances to sort out his personal life, so why shouldn’t Griffiths? Or should we get rid of Stokes as well? Should every player who exhibits stupidity in public be fired? Should we fire them ONLY for singing ‘racist’ songs, or should we fire them for all other transgressions? Or do these criteria apply only to Celtic players?

    Bawl_Sack said earlier, “Pray for the easily offended.
    Goram, Gazza, Nova and many more have said worse. And not a peep.”

    Difference is, they were Rangers players, right? (And incidentally, ending a statement with the word “fact” doesn’t necessarily make it so.)

  38. Tony McGraw iam not suggesting Celtic must sack him that will be for Celtic to decide and also influenced by however the SFA decide to punish him but the facts are Griffiths has repeatedly shown and will.continue to.show in my opinion that he is little more than a tracksuit wearing jakeball from Mayfield Midlothian whose behaviour and nature will repeatedly attract him trouble and negative headlines, he will continue to.embarrass himself and by association the clubs he plays for.

    This is and has repeatedly been proven TRUE, deal with it.

  39. Charlie Brown — You’re entitled to your opinion, but because it’s your opinion doesn’t make it a fact.

    My opinion is that given the chance by Celtic, Griffiths will smarten up, straighten out, and become a valuable asset.
    I think he’ll be fined/suspended, but he’ll still be playing for Celtic (and rattling goals in against Rangers — if he hasn’t retired due to old age by the time they get back into the SPFL.)

    I can deal with the mistakes he’s made in the past and take them into account – but again I’ll ask the question, haven’t you ever made mistakes?

    A HUGE difference is that your mistakes aren’t placed under a very public microscope and analysed from every angle by “experts” who claim to be shocked and horrified beyond belief, and demand that you be fired to appease their delicate little PC sensibilities. In fact, YOUR mistakes don’t even see the light of day, by comparison.

    And finally, if you place anyone on a pedestal, then expect them to live without any semblance of human error, you’re bound to be disappointed in the end……Look at Goram, Gazza and Nova as examples…… So take a reality pill and deal with THAT.

  40. Deluded Tony, he’s old.enough already to keep out of trouble but finds it impossible, every other club pre Celtic hasn’t managed to reform him so what’s you going to change now? He’s been at your club 2 months and already your starting to find him out, welcome to more of the same.

  41. Tony – You’d be surprised how many people at work who have been disciplined or sacked because of Tweets or Facebook statuses.

    It will be written into his contract that this sort of behaviour will be deemed unacceptable.

  42. Charlie Brown — Wasn’t Alan McGregor “old.enough already to keep out of trouble.”?…..What about Barry Ferguson?…..Or Kris Boyd?….Were they “tracksuit wearing jakeballs”, or just loverats for example, or did they just make a few mistakes along the way?

    Were you offended and demanding that they be punished when their personal problems were revealed by the Press? No, of course not!…..And why? Because THEY were Rangers players, of course. That puts a whole different complexion on the matter, doesn’t it?

    Maybe people in glass houses etc….

    Naturally, because you’re a Rangers fan, you’re hoping and praying that Griffiths gets the boot from Celtic — but I don’t think that’s going to happen before he’s given the opportunity to sort himself out. I’m sure he’ll do that though, before your team declare bankruptcy once again — or maybe not, if things continue the way they’re going at Ibrox . More bad news again today, eh?

    And, Scott? Keep in mind that a “zero-tolerance” policy means that certain things won’t be tolerated, and will certainly incur punishment. “Zero tolerance” DOESN’T mean you’ll immediately be executed or shown the door — even *IF* you’re a Celtic player, and Rangers fans are demanding your head.

  43. Tony I am not a Sevco fan I hate them I can assure you of that. It’s got nowt to do with Celtic Griffiths was like this last year and the year before and the year before that etc etc etc. You’ve signed a bad ‘un and sooner or later you’ll be forced to accept that. I am not even from the west of Scotland and not everything in life revolves around the goldfish bowl of Celtic and Sevco / Rangers. Leigh Griffiths is trouble. That’s all I have to say on the matter but if you don’t believe me then just ask Edinburgh bus drivers or shopkeepers.

  44. Charlie Brown — As I said already, you’re entitled to your opinion. Only time will tell if it’s right or wrong.

    Scott — I see on 8th April, a Glasgow fan who sung a song about the IRA was given a 32-month ban from attending football games and 180 hours of community service. Quite a difference from your ludicrous demand that Celtic “…need to be strong and show Griffiths the door”.

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