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barca subbuteo


I wish I could take the credit for spotting this wonderful website/shop dedicated in making the best handprinted Subbuteo teams that I have ever seen but alas the guys at In Bed With Maradona¬†(IBWM) deserve that claim to fame. I always find time to scroll through IBWM’s¬†pages especially the ‘Subculture’ and ‘Gear’ sections. So make sure to check them out!

These Subbuteo designs are from Florent Dumont and as you can see he turns the ordinary into the extraordinary!

I loved playing the football table top game when I was younger. I still have vivid memories of ‘Boys Brigade’ tournaments held in local churches, or hosting my own Subbuteo competition in my parents garage and the ironing of the pitches to desperately get rid of the creases.


I used to love the strips but was often left disappointed by the lack of individuality when it came to the players. You would get a few generic black players and the rest were a group generic white players. But Florent’s models are amazing and revive your imagination. You really need to look at the Marouane Fellaini and Edgar Davids models.

You can’t say these guys lack individuality just look that their boots!

I can’t lie, I’m a huge geek for this kind of thing. I had a massive amount of Subbuteo teams when I was a kid (standing on players was unfortunately a regular occurrence). Had these been available 10-15 years ago I would have bought so many teams that Florent would new to employee helpers!


Anyway head HERE for more awesome pics at IBWM.

Follow Florent on Twitter HERE.

Please checkout the SUPERFOOTYMINIS website and order your own team.

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