But What If Ryan Giggs Is Really Good?


Ryan Giggs is about take charge of his first game as Manchester United manager, I should add as a ‘caretaker manager’. The Welsh wing wizard has been at Old Trafford for over two decades now but today will still bring out all sorts of new nerves as well as his immense passion for the club.

It seems academic that this is only a short term deal with Giggs stepping aside in May, once the season is over, and letting a new coach with a vast amount of experience to come in and start yet another era at United.

But what happens if the Man United legend turns out to be a terrific manager and takes to it like a duck to water?

If Giggs can get the squad to pull together and play the Manchester Utd way: Attacking, determined, enthusiastic and with that creativity that David Moyes couldn’t get from his sides. If Ryan can get the first team to regain their famous strut and guide the side to four dominating wins in this seasons remaining league fixtures, then surely the United fans will be calling for him to get the post full time.

Giggs has already shown during his first press conference as a boss that he can talk the talk. Ryan impressed as he held court. He started off by thanking Moyes for his start in coaching, he went on to talk about his footballing philosophies, he made sure to keep mentioning United’s successful traditions and was also quick to point out that Sir Alex Ferguson was a constant inspiration and just a phone call away.

Now obviously he is very inexperienced as a manager. But the forty year old has had an illustrious playing career, winning all sorts of titles along the way. There wont be many at Old Trafford will know the ins and outs of the club like Ryan Giggs. Plus no one really knows just what the Welshman took from all those famous team-talks given to him from Sir Alex.

Say Giggs does do a great temporary job with the Manchester giants and then watches as a coach like Louis van Gaal takes over in the summer. That instantly piles on the pressure for van Gaal. He might feel that he has Fergie looking over him and Giggs waiting for him to slip up because lets face it wouldn’t surprise us if Louis van Gaal snaps after getting a tad paranoid.

A few bad results at the start of the next season from the new gaffers team will also get the fans asking ‘Why didn’t we just keep Giggs in charge?’

So Manchester United may have caused a slight problem by giving fans favourite Ryan Giggs in charge, if he succeeds in getting the team playing the United way again. Maybe Man Utd should try and tie down a replacement as soon as possible just to stop too much talk of a new Giggs revolution at the club.

But for me whatever happens, United should try and get Giggs to stay on at Old Trafford as the next man’s assistant manager. Giggs can then learn from another coach and be ready in four or five years to take the job on for real. But if that scenario is to happen then the Manchester United board need to keep everyone happy and do it quickly!

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