Remy Could Be An Inspired Signing For Arsenal


QPR have regained their place at England’s top table. But before the ‘R’s’ fans get too excited about French striker Loic Remy returning to Loftus Road, Harry Redknapp has let the cat out of the bag that Remy has a release clause in his contract.

The buy-out fee in the contract is believed to be a reasonable price, around £8m to £12m (if papers are to be believed). That has alerted quite a few suitors. With Loic wanting to join a Champions League side, that narrows down the possibilities. That said, I think quite a few of those sides in Europe’s top competition would take a punt on the twenty-seven year old attacker.

Teams such as Bayern Munich, Liverpool, Atletico Madrid, Chelsea and Arsenal have all been linked with bids. Also don’t be surprised if Monaco are also credited with an interest too.

I think the Emirates Stadium could be his best destination and he is the type of player that would improve Arsenal’s squad.

Why would the Gunners suit Loic Remy? 

Well they are in the Champions League qualifiers next term and have a great record of getting into the group stages and beyond. Then we have the Arsene Wenger factor. The French coach has a fantastic ability in getting the best out of his fellow countrymen. Arsenal already boast members of the current French national team in Oliver Giroud and Laurent Koscielny (Bacary Sagna is technically still an Arsenal player but that will soon change). These factors should make it easier for Remy to settle in with the squad.

We can’t forget that the reason Remy chose QPR in the first place was because they were based in London. Staying in that city may appeal to the striker. Remy has made it known in the past that he is an Arsenal fan, earlier this season he was spotted in the crowd watching the Gunners take on WBA. So I’d say he should follow his dreams. Plus Arsenal aren’t top heavy with strikers, thus giving him a better chance of playing more.

Why should Arsenal go for Loic Remy? 

Well as I have already mentioned Arsenal need more attackers in the squad. I’m a big fan of Oliver Giroud but he needs help and his style can be too predictable for a full ninety minute match. Remy would give the ‘Gunners’ a new dynamic with his pace, directness and skill. Arsenal need a ‘Plan B’ and Loic would offer that.

The forward has a fine scoring record in his one and a half season in England. He has managed to grab twenty strikes in forty Premier League appearances.

In the recent past Arsenal have always enjoyed having pacey forwards like Thierry Henry, Ian Wright and Nicolas Anelka. Remy is certainly in that mould. His runs and finishes do remind me of a poor mans Henry. His pace and his ability to get into space behind the defence would make him an ideal target for Mesut Ozil and Santi Cazorla.

The modest fee would also leave Arsene Wenger with plenty spare cash to spend on a new key world class signing, maybe they could bring back Cesc Fabregas from Barcelona.

I honestly believe Loic Remy would be an ideal summer signing for Arsenal. I think had he not had the police investigation hanging over his head last pre-season he would have joined the Gunners then, not Newcastle United.

I’m sure the stars are now aligned for the former Marseille player to join up with Wenger’s team after he appears in this years World Cup with France. Here’s hoping the forward finally realises his dream and can pull on an Arsenal strip.

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  1. I totally agree. If we are silly enough to sign Karim Benzema for £30mill, we will have a Robotic centre forward. Remy though would contrast with Giroud and with the chances we set up would be a good goalscorer. Please don’t buy Robot Benzema, Arsene. I do hope we sign Antoine Griezmann, but I smell another Juan Mata. With Mata we had the chance to buy him for £17mill buyout but dawdled and the rest is history. Crass negligence. By being cheapskates PSG may jump in and sign Griezmann. Wenger you are slow and mean sometimes. Lucky Wenger is a great coach. With the possibility of Sami Khedira as a DM, what a buy he would be at £17mill. Why do we always leave it till deadline day and get who we don’t want, rather than really chase who we do want. Don’t get it. Sorry to go off topic. Remy for £8mill. Should have been done and dusted already.

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