Why It’s Best For All Parties That David Luiz Left Chelsea



So David Luiz is departing Chelsea and heading to French champions Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) after the World Cup.

I believe this transfer, believed to be for a fee of around £50m, is a perfect scenario for all concerned.

For Chelsea they make a tidy profit in the region of £28m, great business for a centre-back especially when you think they forked out £21m back in 2011.

At Stamford Bridge, the Brazilian was always a fans favourite but that was more down to the fact he had a great personality, huge hair and had very good ball skills. But his defensive game was never suited for the English Premier League (EPL). He lacked the concentration, the judgement and strength to make it as a top defender in England. The game in the EPL is fast, furious and constant. The twenty-seven year old is clearly used to a slower paced game and having a bit more time on the ball and having that ball being played on the deck more than it is in England’s top flight. At the London club, beside an ageing John Terry, Luiz couldn’t afford to make the mistakes he did as his defensive partner wasn’t always quick enough to sweep up behind him.

At PSG, Luiz will sit alongside Brazilian teammate Thiago Silva. The pair have been defensive partners since Luiz broke into ‘A Seleção’ in 2010. Their styles compliment each other with elegance and strength combining to great effect. Silva will be the marshall at the back with a burst of pace that can cover any Luiz mistakes that might occur in Paris. The pair having an understanding already is a boost for PSG and will help in getting Luiz settled in the French capital.

The only way I could have seen David Luiz playing consistently well for the ‘Blues’ in the EPL was if he converted full time into a holding midfielder. I think that was his best position for Chelsea. He could break up play in the middle of the park, keep the ball moving and even start attacks with his long range passes. I think the main objection Jose Mourinho had with putting David in the position was that Rafa Benitez had used that trick first. I truly believe Jose would never validate anything Rafa did first at Stamford Bridge. He soon got rid of Juan Mata (the best player in the Rafa regime) and he was very reluctant to give Demba Ba much of a run out (a player brought in after Rafa arrived). But David Luiz’s versatility will be another plus for PSG.

Chelsea will now have £50m burning a hole in their back pocket. More stars are also set to leave the London side, giving their Portuguese manager the funds he needs to overhaul the squad and try and take the title away from Manchester City next season. A striker is a must, a new holding/sitting midfielder will probably come in and a left back will be needed if Ashley Cole does in fact leave this summer. A new centre back may be sought to replace Luiz but obviously Branislav Ivanovic can play in there and youngster Tomas Kalas showed at the end of the last campaign he is a capable performer in the Premier League. Plus lets not forget French defender Kurt Zouma will finally join the side this pre-season after signing a deal in January.

A few in the media have suggested that Mourinho wants to be reunited with Real Madrid’s Raphael Varane. But I just can’t see that transfer happening. Why would Real sell a player who looks set to be one of the best defenders of his generation?

But no matter who Chelsea sign this window, the decision to let David Luiz go is a good one in my opinion. He was a luxury that they could ill afford and he was a star that they just couldn’t get the best out of.

PSG will see a much better Luiz, as Ligue 1 is a battlefield that is more suited to the Brazilians talents and style. They have an accomplished partner in Thiago Silva that will compliment Luiz and who can make up for his defensive failings. The Parisian club have also just signed a Champions League winner, winning that competition is the ultimate goal for PSG.

David Luiz himself will benefit from playing more often and in his favoured central defensive role.

A transfer that makes complete sense for all parties, that doesn’t happen very often!

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