Silly Suarez!


Last week I hailed Luis Suarez‘s passion and in particular his performance against England. He was fantastic.

But if we saw the best of the Uruguayan against England, then against Italy we saw the very worst of the forward. He has once again tried to take a chunk out of a fellow professional by biting an opponent during a game.

Now look we’ve all seen the replays and we have all seen the previous acts of biting, so we can’t doubt what was happening when Suarez launched himself at Giorgio Chiellini.

But for those that still need to be convinced, then look at the slow-motion footage and all the various angles. He runs into the Italian defender, looks at him then launches himself at the Juventus stars left-shoulder. The camera shot from behind the players, clearly shows Luis’ mouth disappearing within the Azzurri shirt. Also look at the two reactions of the players. Chiellini is shocked and quickly looks at his bare skin, he finds a mark and is up on his feet shouting at the ref and showing him the evidence. In the meantime, Suarez holds his mouth and teeth.

What is Suarez going to say? ‘Oh his shoulder attacked my teeth?’ Or ‘I ran into him!’.  Whatever he says, he has to explain just why he looked at the Italian first. If you can see where he is, then how could you run into him teeth first?

Chiellini was very clear as to what happened…

“It was ridiculous not to send Suárez off, it is clear, clear-cut. Then, there was the obvious dive afterwards because he knew very well that he did something that he shouldn’t have done.”

“Suárez is a sneak and he gets away with it because Fifa want their stars to play in the World Cup. I’d love to see if they have the courage to use video evidence against him. The referee saw the bite mark too but he did nothing about.”

Also lets not forget the Liverpool number seven has been caught biting a player during his Ajax days and against Chelsea back in April last year.

Listen Luis Suarez is a terrific talent but unfortunately he’s also a bit of a moron, who has a very short fuse. He really does need help to control his anger issues. Biting folk is a criminal assault. It can be an extremely dangerous thing to do. Should I do it at my workplace then I’d be arrested and put in front of a judge.

Now look again at Giorgio Chiellini’s comments. He makes note that FIFA will not wish to react and punish the striker as he is one of the stars at this summers World Cup. I watched this incident whilst in a Glasgow watering hole, I was there with Andrew Gibney of French Football Weekly. Andrew was quick to say, he too doubted FIFA’s willingness to go after Luis Suarez and believes the volatile attacker ‘will get off with it’.

My tongue-in-cheek reply was ‘Surely even FIFA aren’t that corrupt!’. But come on? Sepp Blatter and his cronies must have more about them that they can’t turn a blind eye on such a shameful incident. Plus I’d like to think they would want clean-cut stars like Neymar and Lionel Messi to be the players that people remember from this World Cup with their skills and goals. Not a footballer that can’t keep his temper and who decides to continuously bite opponents.

The least he deserves is a three match ban for violent conduct. I’d personally give him a five match ban to make sure he doesn’t get used again during this World Cup and thinks about it beyond this summer too. Can he really complain if he were to receive another ban that means he misses games into the double figures? Probably not.

How will Liverpool react? It’s a tough one as he’s the most expensive commodity that they have and is such a temperamental person. They will probably wash their hands of the situation and say he was on international duty and it has nothing to do with them.

But all in all, Suarez needs to grow up and seek help. He cannot continue reacting to defenders with violence. Until he curbs the nasty, unpredictable side to his persona, for me he can’t be considered a great footballer and earn the same respect as a Lionel Messi or a Cristiano Ronaldo.

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