Why Squad Numbers Shouldn’t Be Messed With In Football

Number 5

Samuel Eto’o signed for Everton this week. it looks like a good deal for the ‘Toffees’ as the experienced striker can provide top-class back up for Romelu Lukaku and the big Belgian can also learn from the African legend.

But one part of the deal irks me! That is Samuel’s squad number. The striker will be wearing number five! That is not a strikers number. I like my numbers to be pretty simple and uncomplicated. Certain numbers including five can be used for used for various positions but not all. Others like one and nine are just fit for certain positions.

Here is my guide to squad numbers.

  1. Goalkeeper and only goalkeeper
  2. Right-back or a versatile right sided defender
  3. Left-back or a versatile left sided defender
  4. Centre-back or defensive mid
  5. Left-back (especially if Dutch) or Centre-back. Also good for South American defensive mids
  6. Centre back or defensive mids or just central midfielders
  7. Right winger/midfielder or a maverick forward
  8. Central midfielder or attacking midfielder
  9. Striker, usually your top scorer
  10. Target man, forward, attacking mid or free role
  11. Left winger
  12. Defensive cover or a French striker
  13. Sub keeper
  14. Sub defender or def mid
  15. Supersub striker
  16. Defensive mid or a French keeper
  17. Young attacker

22. Could be third choice goalie

The rest can be pretty interchangeable. That said I’ve always like my attacking players to have odd numbers and the defensive ones have even.

Also I’d prefer it if the kept all numbers under forty unless they are youth players just breaking through towards the end of the season. Mario Balotelli shouldn’t be 45, they had seven available.

No one ever should given the 00 number unless its James Bond and followed with a seven!

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