David De Gea!!! The Man That Might Get Man Utd Back Into Top Four


As a goalkeeper, you sometimes don’t get the credit you deserve. The creative stars and the goalscorers usually get all the acclaim. But that can’t be said of Manchester United’s David de Gea last weekend.

The Spaniard was terrific against Everton and made some world class saves at the end of the game to deny Everton any points. He also got down well and saved Leighton Baines unconvincing penalty just before half-time. De Gea’s display was vital in securing United the victory and helping his side climb into the ‘Top Four’ once again.

That theme may have to continue throughout this campaign if Man United stand any chance of finishing in one those four key positions.

As I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, the United defence is still unpredictable as it suffers from too many injuries and mistakes. They can become very vulnerable during games and that allows the opposition to create clear cut chances. That inevitably leaves the goalkeeper exposed. It happened against Burnley and again De Gea saved them. It happened constantly at Leicester and obviously the young keeper couldn’t stem the flow that time.

If the defence isn’t going to improve dramatically then a lot of games will rest on De Gea’s shoulders. As he proved against Everton, he can be the difference between one point and three.

Both managers gave him special recognition after the win over Everton .

Manchester United’s Louis van Gaal said…

β€œHe made three magnificent saves and we won because of that,”

Whilst Everton’s Roberto Martinez offered…

“De Gea was the man of the match and the difference in the scoreline.”

Gone are the clumsy and unassured early days, De Gea suffered in 2012-13. He has matured and has become stronger, both in body and mind. The twenty-three year old doesn’t shirk his responsibilities and like most fine goalkeepers he isn’t scared at getting his point across to his teammates.

As United’s season unfolds the Spanish internationalist will become an even bigger asset. Undoubtably his saves and performances will help those defenders in front of him as he instills confidence. But alas he can’t do it all on his own. The injuries need to clear up and his Dutch manager needs to settle on his preferred back four.

The fantastic shot-stopper must be closing in on Spain’s number one jersey too. Iker Casillas is becoming too error prone, Victor Valdes has a long term injury and Pepe Reina is on the Bayern bench.

Had you said during David’s debut season at Man Utd that in a few years this raw teenager would end up being one of the clubs best performers and that he’d be on the cusp of becoming Spain’s new number one, then many a rival would have scoffed. But the determination of David de Gea to succeed and improve has seen that happen.

Can he really get Man United a top four finish?

Well he can’t do it by himself, but they are far superior with him in the team and he has now become one of the Premier League’s top goalkeepers. So surely that has got to help!

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