Scottish Media Need To Back Budge Not Hinder Her


It’s funny how the Scottish media can get obsessed about Scottish footballs in-fighting and financial troubles. Yet they seem to overlook Scottish football’s social issues in any great detail.

This week Hearts owner Ann Budge once again made a very good and detailed statement, you can view it HERE.

The statement basically highlights the social problems Scottish fans seem to have when some enter a football stadium. Ms Budge is critical of both a section of her own set of supporters and the away end (certain Celtic fans).

It’s clear from the clubs statement and by publishing it online that those that run Heart of Midlothian football club want to build a friendly and family orientated atmosphere at Tynecastle.

What they don’t want is a crowd chanting abuse to the opponents and opposing fans (which may or may not be sectarian), or have chairs/toilets/walls vandalised in the stadium during the game.

The statement also called for cooperation from Celtic, who also released a statement of their own saying that they shared Hearts grievances (whilst pointing out some of their own, that were equally valid) and that they too wished for a healthier atmosphere in Scottish stadia.

Make no mistake here, this is a problem/issue that affects all Scottish clubs. Some in the Scottish media inflamed the situation stating in their headlines that Budge was attacking or slamming Celtic fans.

I didn’t read it that way, Ms Budge is much smarter than that. She was attacking all football fans who behave in this reckless and ignorant way. Which included Hearts fans during that Scottish Cup weekend fixture. The media headlines forget to mention that, going for the ‘attacking’ and ‘slamming’ headlines to get more hits from riled up Celtic fans. They also forget to mention previous Ann Budge statements where she again stand up to some of own fans for using flares inside Tynecastle.

Anthony Stokes fell into the trap hook line and sinker. He reacted merely on these one-sided headlines and issued Ann Budge with a rebuke of his own, slating the same Hearts fans that Budge had done in her statement. Showing us that he either didn’t read the statement and just the headlines (likely) or totally didn’t get the bit in the statement that Budge criticised every bad apple at Tynecastle on Sunday.

For me, the press should be striving with the clubs to make Scottish football a friendlier place to go every weekend. They should be at one with the people asking for cheaper ticket prices and criticising the anti-social fans who drive families away from match days.

They missed a trick and decided to make it more like a Celtic versus Hearts issue rather than one that highlights failings that still mark our footballing culture.

We want safe standing and drinking in stadiums to return in Scotland but until we all stand behind people like Ann Budge and get rid of the current social problems we face within our game, then we’ll struggle to win these other fights.

The press can always help, with balanced articles and equally balanced headlines.

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  1. Finally an article that gets what Ms Budge is saying, Scottish football has problems and until Hearts, Celtic and every other club in this country attack them head on nothing will change… Good luck to her she’ll need it!

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