Sad Day For Rangers As McCoist Offers Resignation


Now as a football manager, Ally McCoist isn’t the best. He has achieved certain targets, which were expected of him. His signing policy was pretty poor, especially when compared to his recent predecessors. His ideas on tactics and formations have been weak and rigid. Some of the performances from his side were turgid to watch and that’s probably being kind.

Yet with all that being said it’s a sad day for Rangers football club that one of their greatest legends has decided to call time on his Ibrox career. Just when he’s says his goodbyes is still up in the air.

Many won’t share my thoughts.

The current board and influential backer Mike Ashley will have see Ally as a bit of a milestone. Yes, some of his inept performances in the dugout recently have taken some attention away for the inner turmoil in the boardroom but the fans always have an eye on Ashley and co. They would much prefer a ‘yes’ man puppet to look after the team and had they had the resources available to them then I’ve no doubt Ally would have been sacked before now. They may ask him to work a notice period just to save on more cash. Keeping an unhappy manager would be seen as an awful move from a weak board.

Certain sections amongst the Rangers support will be happy to see McCoist fall on his sword but they should really be asking bigger picture questions.

Like, why now? We are only hours away from an important Championship clash between Gers and Queen of the South. Now Ally may not leave before that match but announcing that he’s tendered his resignation is a huge distraction for the team. You also have to believe that something major has happened within the club for McCoist to decide it was no longer a job he wanted. Maybe he decided like many of us before him that the job became to big for him or maybe he’s disagreed with those in charge at Ibrox on what should happen next.

Also the Rangers fans should be careful what they wish for. Yes a new manager might bring in a new focus and it could see an upturn in performances. But will this new guy be able to stand up for the fans against boardroom tyranny? Will the new gaffer have a media savvy perspective that keeps Rangers in the public eye and thwart people such as Charles Green and the like from running roughshod over the club like Ally has done in the past?

Now for all his managerial mistakes McCoist was a terrific ambassador for the fans and the club. He would stand up for them and his own principles. In losing Ally McCoist they will also lose his voice and over the years that was a huge voice, believe me things could have been a lot worse had it not been for him.

When Craig Whyte left Rangers in a sorry state, many of the fans dreamed of an open football club. One that would support the fans as they had supported the team. Now without McCoist there, things at Ibrox may grow quieter and become even more silent than when Whyte was at his worst.

It’s a sad day for me, McCoist was my boyhood hero. That man along with the fans and stadium were my biggest remaining links with the club I used to support. Now only the fans inside that glorious arena remain. I shudder to think at the clinical, silent and mundane way in which that football club may now be run.

It’s with no surprise that the club has already fallen into a deafening silence, not commenting on the ‘McCoist’ rumours. Even though every fan deserves to be told what’s happening.

For Alistair Murdoch McCoist, I only wish the best and that his career at Rangers can come to a quick and painless end.

(Please note this news story is constantly being updated and this blog article may be out of step very quickly. We are already hearing of successors like Butcher, McCall and Wise. Plus the Scottish press seem to still be in the dark as to whether or not Ally is on the team bus.)

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  1. Totally agree with your well written article and a sad day for me too . The shambolic way our club has and is being run is a disgrace

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