Judge Steve Bruce & Redknapp QC Wade Into Ched Evans Case (Idiots)



Now this week, more than most, has seen us question our rights concerning freedom of speech. It’s a law I firmly believe in. But it’s also a rule that needs to be respected.

Just because we have freedom of speech and press, doesn’t mean that we go 0n and spout malicious rubbish or talk about everything and anything without giving it much thought.

As a manager I respect Hull City’s Steve Bruce. He has a great pedigree in putting together sides capable of doing a solid job in the English Premier League. So a boss of a club I appreciate his thoughts on football.

But today, Bruce seemed to turn into a lawyer or a judge. He came out in his press conference seemingly questioning the verdict concerning Ched Evans.

He states…

“It has divided opinion of course. When you look at the case in detail – and I don’t think most people have really, because they have just seen Ched Evans as a convicted rapist – but when you look at the case and the evidence then certainly Ched has got a case.”

Now let’s get the facts out there. Ched Evans is a convicted rapist. He was convicted by a jury and sentenced by a judge. He was then denied an appeal case by another judge and that decision was upheld by a full court. Yes the case is under review by the Criminal Case Review Commission but that doesn’t mean he’ll get an appeal or a will have his conviction overturned. It shows that our courts take every case seriously and on merit.

Does Bruce suggest that the jury and the judges haven’t seen the full case or evidence? And just what does Bruce know? Was he in court? Has he heard from the victim?

Of course not. He has jumped into a saga that has little or nothing to do with him.

Both he and QPR’s manager Harry Redknapp bang on about second chances, yet what about the victim? Does she live the same life she was living before this case? Are millionaire football managers offering to support her? Remember as it stands this lady is a victim of rape yet has had to change her name and address on numerous occasions because of trolls giving away her details online.

Also QPR and Hull City have had reasonably tough seasons so far this term. Both could do with a new striker or two this transfer window, yet neither will show any strength in the belief of second chances and sign up Ched Evans.

These managers should be very wary what they say. A lot of footballing fans will strongly disagree with their comments and could easily turn against them and given their disappointing seasons to date, that could easily persuade owners to sack them. That’s how ruthless football can be.

Now Evans and his supporters complain against ‘mob rule’ and people jumping to conclusions in regards to his guilt. Yet Evans and his supporters have a website dedicated to the case. That website crudely shows the victim entering the hotel questioning whether she was too drunk to consent to sexual intercourse or not. The site doesn’t point out that Ched Evans is nowhere to be seen at this time, he arrived later.

Now Evans has belatedly apologised for the ” effects that night in Rhyl has had on many people, not least the woman concerned.”. If that is true and not a publicity stunt to get back into football, then maybe he should seek to close the website or at least taking down the video and article that clearly insult ‘the woman concerned’.

Now Harry Redknapp also said that Evans would struggle to find any sort of work, well has he tried? His fiancee’s father seems to own a business, can he not provide work? Or is it more that he wants to be in a lucrative high profile job?

People say why can’t he return to football if that is his chosen profession. It’s high profile, the fact we know anything about this case is mainly due to the fact he was a footballer. It is a respected profession, that has high wage salaries. With those lucrative salaries comes responsibility. Footballers are role models, like it or not. Young children always look at our sport and pick out their heroes. Plus there are plenty of professions that don’t employ criminals convicted of serious crimes.

It’s fast becoming impossible for Ched Evans to sign up with anyone, in my opinion.


Because of the risks.

In footballing terms a club, especially in the lower leagues, need the support of the community. A big part of football is the female fan these days and families. Now as we’ve seen there is no huge appetite from the fans to sign a convicted rapist. Football managers wont be in a rush to set aside some of their budget on a player that hasn’t played football in a few months and hasn’t trained properly either.

In terms of business, sponsors have also shown that they have little appetite to be linked with a club willing to sign a convicted rapist. Money in football is king and the supporters are ultimately key to sponsors and they won’t want to piss them off.

Now Evans talks about mob rule, yet again we go back to the freedom of speech issue. People are free to voice their opposition in their sides signing Evans, it’s as simple as that. They are the ones that as I say are key in sponsorship deals and are the lifeblood to any football club.

Now obviously they too can step over lines, they should never threaten anyone else with physical violence as Oldham have suggested. But then again if anyone at Oldham Athletic was abused or threatened directly then the club have to refer that to the police. They haven’t done so, and that weakens their excuse in my opinion.

Look I am not totally against Evans playing football again. I wouldn’t want him at my club. But I do think that people have the right to voice their opposition and concerns.

The best thing for Ched Evans to do is keep quiet and hope for a chance to appeal.

People like Bruce and Redknapp should think before they speak. Say what you want as long as you know what you are talking about, that’s a good rule of thumb.

10 Responses to “Judge Steve Bruce & Redknapp QC Wade Into Ched Evans Case (Idiots)”

  1. What a load of rubbish, QPR or Hull City wouldn’t sign Ched Evans simply because he is not a Premier League player. How do you know they don’t know what they are talking about?

    People including Steve Bruce and Harry Rednap have the right to voice their opinions. Crap Story!

  2. I didn’t they they couldn’t say what they wanted but should be wary. Also are we saying Bruce knows more about the law than the appeal judge that didn’t allow and appeal?

    How does anyone know Evan’s footballing capabilities these days?

  3. well I too have spent time looking at the evidence….and there’s nothing conclusive. there was never any forensic evidence either. the police should never have charged these two fellas and the CPS should have kept their distance. anyone with any common-sense would have seen that this was nothing more than drunken misconduct with the real possibility that the female participant’s life could be wrecked just as easily as those of the very young men involved. this story will run and run and, hopefully, one day, we’ll have laws, mechanisms and public officials who can protect male and female victims of violent sexual crimes as well as identifying and dealing with the culprits in the appropriate way, rather than this present, deeply-flawed, mob-rule type approach. and, by the by, who might you be to pontificate on the subject?

  4. Bruce and Harry make sense, Ched Evans has always maintained his innocense, how bad and naive would all those knockers look if it was eventually proved that he “IS” innocent A? Look how many young girls and women come forward these days to say they have been raped but have been found to be lying. How do we know that could be another misscarraige of justice, a bad storey pal.

  5. Were you in court?

    I am only dealing with facts, I have not said what happened. Just that he has been convicted. I believe in our courts. Now I agree that things could and should improve to protect victims, I’d also go along with giving those accused anonymity until a conviction.

    Again I am dealing with the aftermath of the case not the case itself.

  6. Ed – Those women were found to be lying, the woman in the Evans case was believed and Evans was found guilty. How bad would our world be if we treated all rape victims as liars especially after they were believed in court?

    Going by your reasoning all cases could be miscarriages of justice. Oh and quite a few convicted criminals always state their innocence.

  7. Until the legal process has run its full course I fail to see how any football club can consider employing him, because he cannot show remorse while maintaining his innocence. The 2 are mutually exclusive. And who wants to employ a convicted rapist who is unrepentant ? If he is ultimately cleared that’s a different story, but until he is cleared , he is guilty. Scott you’re right, with privelelge comes responsibility but many people ( esp footballers ) want their cake & eat it .But the point is, what the hell has any of this got to do with Bruce or Redknapp ? As a QPR fan I’m already sick of Redknapp ( not to mention Barton) spouting their opinions on everything in the world which has nothing to do with them. Why don’t they do their day job properly instead of talking nonsense on things outside their remit ?

  8. The scary thing here is, that the English penal system is based on convicted criminals doing their time, and being given another chance. That is the same in UK, NZ, Aus, etc.

    Ched Evans is being re-tried in the court of public opinion and not being given the second chance any other criminal would. That’s not because his crimes were worse than anyone else, or his behaviour in prison was so bad, it is just because he was and still wants to be a professional footballer.

  9. Thanks Dean, totally agree that thinks would change if he ever won an appeal.

    Phil – Not necessarily in the same job or in a high profile job. For instance, if you have a criminal conviction you’ll not get a police job. If you serve a significant jail term then you’ll not be allowed to serve in Westminster. Plus if you are a teacher, you’ll not be allowed back into a school if convicted of child abuse. Just a few examples.

    The fact he is a footballer is the reason why it’s such a story I agree but thats why I said being a footballer comes with terrific responsibility and you have the eyes of the nation on you.

  10. He was found guilty by a jury of his peers and sentenced by an appointed judge. He is a convicted rapist and should not be rewarded with a high profile position where he can be idolised by our children….. end of!

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