Rangers Farce Hits New Heights



Oh joy of joys, I get to write about the saga at Rangers once more.

Yesterday, long-time board adversary Dave King held a press conference in Glasgow to outline his ambitions for the club should he manage to win enough support in the upcoming EGM vote to oust the current board members and replace them with himself and his team.

King used the usual spiel bigging up his own credentials, blasting the current regime and bringing up fan ownership.

He’ll need 51% of the vote to go his way at the EGM to stand any chance of bringing down the Easdale’s and Mike Ashley’s cronies.

Dave’s presser might have turned a few heads and have the fans wanting to hear more. But it will be Rangers caretaker manager Kenny McDowall’s media conference today that will see even more side with Dave King and his pals and stand against the current Ibrox board.

Now you can checkout McDowall’s presser HERE on STV Sport.

You can see Kenny no longer wants to be at Murray Park. He is counting down the days, as he works off his notice period. The fact Rangers don’t or can’t get rid of him and bring in someone else shows the total lack of ambition at the club.

McDowall quite frankly explains to the Scottish press that he had no say on what players came in from Ashley’s Newcastle United. No surprise there.

But then the caretaker boss admitted that he has been told by Chief Executive Derek Llambias and football chairman Sandy Easdale that the five players loaned to Gers by Newcastle Utd this week had to start every game during their loan spells in Glasgow.

That bombshell will drive any remaining supporters that had any hesitation about King over to his side. A huge club like Rangers, or any football club for that matter, can’t have people in the boardroom dictating what happens on the pitch.

Obviously at times the two sides meet, for example the owner might say to the manager ‘you can’t play so and so because if you do that triggers an extension in his contract plus a huge bonus and we can’t afford that’. It may be frustrating but it’s also understandable.

But in this situation at Rangers, the coach or manager should be able to select his best team. Now I probably imagine that would involve most of those loanees if not all, but that should be the managers call.

No fan or unbiased investor will be happy to see board members, who have no footballing knowledge, tell the head coach that they have to play certain players no matter what. Especially players that the club do not own. It’s just providing Ashley a shop window (Let’s call the shop ‘Sports Direct Tyneside’) for which Newcastle United profit from and Rangers don’t.

The board probably have a duty of care to tell fans and shareholders if they are paying these five players wages and if those deals cost anything in loan fees? But alas Ibrox is quieter than Chernobyl these days, with the hierarchy treating the fans like peasants who serve little purpose to them.

Looking again at Kenny McDowall’s press conference and I believe he is angling to join his buddy Ally McCoist on gardening leave. And who can blame him? He’ll feel as much use as a chocolate fireguard at the moment as his opinion and experience count for little.

Plus what effect does this loan predicament have on the rest of the Rangers squad? Train hard and you might play depending on whether or not a Newcastle lad plays in your position? Will the Gers players resent the new boys?

Rangers football club are once again being abused, the fans can only stand there and watch as a board pretend to be doing something other than Mike Ashley’s bidding.

The loan deals could have been great for Rangers but by placing this ‘must play’ rule the board have totally ruined any good feeling that those moves created. For a club that has spent so much in PR companies and consultants they have no PR skills whatsoever.

When do the SFA come in and protect the club? They don’t. They seem to have no jurisdiction and will instead slap wrists and wait until the club is on its knees and stick in the knife and demand even more money as they fine the club for being in financial ruin.

We will need to see what the EGM brings on March the sixth but I wouldn’t hold my breath that the football clubs best interests will be top priority for all those that have a chance in deciding it’s future.

7 Responses to “Rangers Farce Hits New Heights”

  1. What’s the betting that the only reason these signings agreed to come to Rangers was that they were guaranteed 1st team football. Yet again this board have excelled themselves

  2. While I agree that a coach in normal circumstances should have total freedom to select their team, in this case I can’t agree. Just look at McDowall’s team selections so far. Totally abysmal. Just a McCoist mark 2. The same duds each week. Where are the existing young players or the returned loan ones? Why did he bring them back to leave on the sidelines. No, I’m afraid I have to say that it was time team selection was taken away from him. For once ( perhaps the only time) the board have acted correctly.

  3. Norman – While I get your point that team elections have been bewildering for sometime now at Ibrox, it doesn’t change the fact that they installed Kenny as caretaker & decided not to bring in a new manager or head coach.

    Plus how many transfers are good ones? For every good deal or two another dud lurks around the corner. So what if one or two of these boys isn’t good enough or struggles to adapt to Scottish game. They play on regardless! That isn’t healthy.

  4. This is nthing new for ashley and Llambias. Kevin Keegan got the same treatment and took them to the tribunal for constructive dismissal and won his case.

  5. Total nonsense a head coach must be given the decision on who plays for him.

  6. Why don’t mr liambias and mr easdale sit in the dugout and just put Kenny on gardening leave as they seem to be pulling all the strings and if we don’t get to the premiere league this year they should resign and that would be great for all Rangers fans

  7. Billy couldn’t argree more with you, we need a manager in now, this great institution THE RANGERS, needs to be playing in the Premiership nexts season,Mr King will appoint a manager ASAP, and a chef scout.


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