Scottish Football Fans Want Safe Standing In Our Stadia


Over 90% of supporters would be in favour of small scale trials of safe standing

Scotland’s largest fan representative organisation has revealed that the vast majority of Scottish football fans are in favour of the introduction of safe standing.

Supporters Direct Scotland (SDS) has conducted research in conjunction with the Scottish Football Association over the past year, with thousands of fans giving their views on a wide range of issues pertinent to the Scottish game.

Andrew Jenkin, Head of Supporters Direct Scotland said: “There is a clear consensus in favour of getting back to standing. The results show that 90 per cent of those surveyed want safe standing in Scottish football stadiums, with nearly all of them (88 per cent) saying it would improve the atmosphere at matches, and make going to a game a more attractive proposition.”

Safe standing has met with great success and popularity in the German Bundesliga, where consistent demand has led to standing areas being enlarged in many stadiums, the biggest being for 25,000 fans in Dortmund.

Andrew Jenkin added: “The German experience has helped to dispel a number of myths about safe standing, and the time is now right for Scottish football to lead the way and take this important step towards enhancing the atmosphere and creating a better fan experience at matches. There is clear evidence that it would lift match-day attendances.”

Participants in SDS’s research also responded favourably to a small scale trial of safe standing as a means to test its viability and popularity, with 92 per cent of supporters saying that they would like to see such a scheme.

All-seater stadiums have become the norm in British football since the early 1990s, but the success of safe standing in other leagues across Europe such as Germany has increased the level of debate in Scottish football.

TheFootyblog’s reaction: I am not surprised by this. I have witnessed safe standing whilst taking in a match between NAC Breda and Feyenoord in the Netherlands a few years back. The safe standing areas were packed and by far and away the loudest parts of the ground. 

I think it’s about time we gave fans/clubs in Scotland the choice and see if we can improve our game in the terraces. 

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