Llambias & Leach Rangers EGM No Show Sums Up Shambolic Regime


So today we witnessed the much anticipated Rangers EGM. After weeks of scaremongering, cancelled dates and venues being calling off, we finally had a vote at Ibrox to determine the football clubs future.

The two remaining board members (Derek Llambias and Barry Leach) both decided to duck out of the meeting, after clinging onto their jobs all week by the tips of their fingernails.

By deciding not to show up for the vital gathering that decided their future as well as the clubs, just proves that they were never there for the best of the club or held the supporters/stakeholders in any good standing or worthy of their attention.

This seemingly final act will go on to prove to Rangers fans that these men and the regime that they have come to represent have done all they can to put road blocks in front of the people who hold Rangers close to their hearts and the chance of a brighter tomorrow for the Glasgow club.

For Llambias and Leach this week seems to be all about safe guarding Mike’s Ashley’s control on the Rangers retail business and lay as many booby traps for the incoming board as they could. Supposedly they also had the gaul to ask for a large sum of money to walk away.

They could have stepped down before now, had they known they were on to a loser with the EGM. As businessmen, they would have known. Yet they have milked the company of time and money and decided to wait until today and have the fifteen minute meeting which they blanked.

People could say that the duo were keen to avoid any trouble with the fans. But let’s be honest no fan was going to jeopardise this EGM to have an attack on these two. Yes they would have been booed but in business you have to take the flak as well as accept the praise.

Now I am not here to predict the future. I have no idea what the Dave King era will bring, nor does anyone else. Fans cling on to the fact that he’s a ‘Rangers man’ but that means very little in terms of business. He like everyone else is more than capable in making mistakes.

But if he brings transparency back to the club and engages with fans, then he will already be better for the club than the last lot and the previous two boards before them too.

Today shouldn’t be about celebrating King (as I’ve said you can’t predict the future), no today is about celebrating the end of the current chaotic and toxic board. A board that didn’t care about the fans, that stood by and watched as money just seemed to disappear from the Ibrox bank vaults and a board that never backed the clubs future by laying proper foundations like investing in a scouting network.

Whilst shareholders were out in the cold voting for change, where was Derek Llambias and Barry Leach? Drawing more of their wage out of the club? Sitting in a Glasgow hotel bar having a boozy lunch? Taking all the milk and pies out of the Ibrox fridges? Taking the lightbulbs away from Murray Park?

The fact is no one knows. But I can tell you one thing, they weren’t where they should have been and that’s in the Ibrox stands accepting defeat in front of the Rangers shareholders!

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  1. out with the non criminals and in with the known criminals When is a paper going to say we don’t need this type involved in our game scottish fitba gets better and better if you didn’t laugh you would cry

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