Top Tips For Placing A Bet On The Football

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Top Tips For Placing A Bet On The Football

We’ve all seen those punter mates of ours who head out the game and manage to walk away with more money than they left with – and it’s all thanks to a well-placed bet or two reaping the cash. These guys and girls probably don’t have magical powers and certainly don’t have the ability to see into the future, but they probably know a thing or two about how to manipulate the odds to get the best possible outcome for themselves when they’re placing a wee bet or two. If you want to beat the bookies then you’ve got to know the fundamentals of betting on the football – and that means knowing how and when (and what) to bet.

Team Form – Take a Good Look

Have a look at the most recent form and have a look at who they played against. Look at what the opposition were playing like at the last game. If you can, read the recent match reports and try and figure out if a win or loss was due to something external, like the opposition’s goal keeper having a particularly excellent match, or if the referee was particularly biased. If you can figure out how the team was playing and if there was anything external relating to their performance this can help you to place a more balanced and measured bet.

Examine Both The Home and The Away Records

Some teams play better on their home turf – it’s just how it goes. Some other teams perform much better when playing away, and will deliver a serious ass-kicking when the pressure is on! Have a look at any of the weather stats as well for the game, and find out if there was anything mitigating the possible wins or losses for each of the teams.

Examine The History

Have a look at the history for some clubs that play head to head. Sometimes you will find that history really repeats itself – and you may find that the club that you’re betting on always takes a loss each second year – there are some patterns that if they’ve gone on for long enough, will possible repeat again and again!

Get On The News – For Your Team!

Take a good look at injuries and suspensions if there are any and find out what is happening with the other team too. It might happen that a star player is out for a couple of matches, and as such you can make guesses accordingly! You also need to find out how good the players are who might be filling in, and then figure out what is the possible outcome from there.

End Of Season, Or Just Starting?

Motivation is very important, especially when things are wrapping up for the season or just getting started. It may be that your team has a new player or two and may take a couple of matches to get their stuff together. It might also be the case that your team is fatigued after a big season and really feeling some injuries or other issues. Take a look at what they’re playing for, what their motivation might be, and then adjust your strategy accordingly!

What’s Their Schedule Like?

Take a look at what they’re playing for, what they have just played and what their schedule has been like in the past few weeks or days. If they’re tired after a big match on the weekend and have a smaller and unimportant match to play mid week, then it might be the case that their motivation might be flagging a little. Before you place a Lux Bet make sure that you know what’s going on.

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