British And Spanish Press Take Biased Sides Over Bale Battle


It’s funny how a dream can turn into a nightmare so quickly.

Everything for Gareth Bale looked so rosy under a year ago. He was grinning from ear to ear with a Champions League medal and Spanish Cup medal dangling around his neck. He was a hero at Real Madrid, having scored in both finals against rivals Atletico Madrid and Barcelona.

Bale also enjoyed a fine start to the 2014/15 season with Real. But he would suffer a thigh injury in October and the team continued to do well. In fact the team did equally well when he returned to it. Gareth would score in another final as he helped ‘Los Blancos’ defeat San Lorenzo in the World Club Cup Final in Morocco on the twentieth of December.

The problems didn’t arise until the turn of the year. Real lost their opening two fixtures of 2015 and Atletico put them out of the Spanish Cup. In the La Liga defeat to Valencia, Bale was told off by Karim Benzema for wasting a chance to give the Frenchman an easy goal.

Real Madrid would then return to winning ways against Espanyol but that win would be marred by star-man Cristiano Ronaldo screaming out in frustration as Bale went with a shot rather than passing to the Portuguese wizard. The Madrid fans then decided to jeer the Welshman. Forgetting that Bale had already scored in the game and that they were winning comfortably.

That act of petulance from Ronaldo, especially on the back of the Benzema fall-out was enough to turn the ‘Los Blancos’ fans against Gareth Bale believing him to be selfish and lazy.

He is now widely jeered and booed by those in the Bernabeu stands. The ‘Galacticos’ are now trailing Barca by four points in the league.

They squared up against the Catalan giants last weekend and were undone by a 2-1 scoreline. Again Bale was seen as the scapegoat, one in which the fans want to see punished by dropping him from the line-up.

Yes Bale’s impact in the second half of the El Clasico was limited but we all seem to forget that he scored a goal, which was ultimately disallowed because golden-boy Cristiano Ronaldo had failed to stay onside. Supposed Real Madrid fans would be seen after the game attacking Bale’s car as he headed home from the clubs training ground.

The whole saga has both the Spanish and the British press in a frenzy. Both are hugely biased and are poles apart in their stance.

In Spain they go with the fans and have characterised Bale as the greedy foreigner who is now destabilising the capital club.

They no longer see him as untouchable and headlines crowing… ‘He scored the winner in the Spanish Cup final; he scored the winner in the Champions League final. He is already a Real Madrid legend,’… seem to be a distant memory.

The Madrid heavy papers like Marca and AS have been running polls from fans demanding Bale’s removal from the Real Madrid side. According to one, 70% of 8000 fans wanted to see Gareth dropped!

In return the British press have hit back in defence of the Welsh forward, stating certain Spanish led articles miss out certain stats just to use the bad stats to attack the player with. A tactic the British media have used in the past to be fair.

Papers such as the Daily Mail will be the first to come out with the fact that Bale has won four trophies since his arrival in Spain.

They’ll also point to Ronaldo and make out he is actually the villain of the piece.

Most will forget that in the UK, Bale was written off back in his early left-back days at Spurs. They had him down as a disappointment that had failed to live up to the potential too.

Also let’s not forget that places like The Sun and SKY will be actively wetting themselves at the prospect of getting Bale back to the English Premier League. So they highlight the problems and show him as much support as possible, they did the same with Jose Mourinho during his stint at the Bernabeu.

It’s funny as both sides have merits to their arguments and are equally let down by their biased reporting.

They don’t seem to get down to the heart of the issues.

Now Ronaldo is a problem for Bale if he is an enemy. His actions against Espanyol certainly didn’t help but that’s Ronaldo for you, he is always moaning or celebrating, he doesn’t seem to have a neutral button.

When you look at the amazing unbeaten run it included various personnel, formations and tactics. No one player can be blamed for the demise of that run and certainly not one incident (Benzema chance). A team like Real can’t rely on just one chance to win a game.

For me, the timing of the run ending is the significant element here. They lost after returning from Morocco and winning the World Club Cup. They were on an ultimate high and then had to come down and play a La Liga match against Valencia, who didn’t lose a game in December. One team was up for it and ready, while the other side wasn’t. It can be that simple.

Bale has still impressed this term with sixteen goals in all competitions. Only Benzema and, of course, Ronaldo have scored more. That said Bale seems to get the important ones!

Bale has also contributed with six assists. That could be the most damning fact of all as he is behind Ronaldo, Benzema, James Rodriguez, Isco, Marcelo and Toni Kroos. See at Real in this era, all things are geared towards setting up Cristiano and the others seem to do that more than Bale, which turns him into the easy target.

The whole squad has been in a decline this year, Gareth has to accept that too. Yes he’s been picked out but that comes with the world record transfer fee!

The fact is that football fans are an extremely fickle bunch (as are the press at times). They forget the past glories. They choose not to see that Bale will be in his peak in three years time, while Ronaldo could be over the hill. They are all about the present!

If Gareth Bale is going to turn them back in his favour then I suggest he doesn’t read the papers (Spanish or British) and just gets his head down and scores more goals and maybe looking-up and setting up Cristiano a few times.

Just let your football do the talking.

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