Will Man United’s Di Maria Head To Bayern Munich?


Not long after a defeat, teams search out for a solution that can help change their long-term prospects.

I doubt things will be different at Bayern Munich. Pep Guardiola’s men got thumped off Pep’s old Barcelona outfit, complete with an inspirational Lionel Messi performance.

Now even though Munich still have a home leg to play against Barca in the Champions League semi, it looks extremely doubtful that Bayern can overturn the three goal deficit.

So you’ve got to imagine that Pep and the Bayern Munich hierarchy will be looking to bring in a few new faces to freshen up the squad in the summer.

The Bundesliga champions seemed to be missing something on the wings, without Frank Ribery and Arjen Robben they are not the same threat in the bigger games.

Both of those wide stars are extremely gifted and they have skills and pace that can frighten any class of opposition. But alas both are now the wrong side of thirty and never seem too far away from the treatment table!

That could see Pep earmarking a world-class winger as his big summer marquee signing.

Could Manchester United’s Angel Di Maria be the main target? 

The Argentine showed in his last season at Real Madrid that he has the qualities to become a sensation in the wide areas. Yet at Old Trafford, Louis van Gaal seems reluctant to put Angel out on the wings. As a result Di Maria’s United career has stalled.

When asked about the future of Man Utd’s most expensive buy, Van Gaal said this…

“The manager and the club is always dependable on the opinion of the player himself. The player decides, so we shall see what he decides. The decision is not only [down] to him because we have a contract, so we shall speak always with every player and evaluate, as I always do. Then we speak with each other about the future, and that is [the case] with every player.”

That is hardly an encouraging statement. It looks like Van Gaal is really just saying he’s part of the squad, if he’s happy with that then he can stay but we won’t stand in his way if he wants to leave.

Obviously United would want to recoup as much of the £59.7m that they forked out for his services last summer. But I’d imagine that Bayern are one team in Europe that could afford to push the boat out in 2015.

At twenty seven years old, Angel is the right age and you’d imagine that Pep Guardiola would be able to motivate him and get the best out of Di Maria. His signing would definitely lift the pressure off of Robben and Ribery. Plus it will show the fans and rival sides that Bayern are ready to fight on.

Sometimes big signings just don’t settle in at certain clubs, and for various reasons. I really don’t think Angel Di Maria has been given enough time on the wings at Old Trafford to prove his worth at Man United. But alas in this world of revolving doors in football he may not get a second season to show the English Premier League what he’s truly capable of.

If he arrives at Bayern Munich this summer, then Angel Di Maria may just show the world that he is now ready to become that world class superstar!

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