McCoist Deserves Rangers Pay

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On Saturday the sixteenth of May, I sat with my fiancee enjoying a few birthday cocktails in Glasgow city centre. She then excitedly poked my arm and told me to turnaround. Before I had a chance I heard a familiar accent greeting the gentleman sitting just behind me.

I recognised the voice of my hero; Ally McCoist. I casually looked over my shoulder and saw Ally, complete with beard, sitting down and chatting enthusiastically to his friend. Just as my fiancee was asking ‘Is he still on gardening leave?’ McCoist ordered a bottle of rose champagne.

Gardening leave was clearly agreeing with the fifty-two year old but I imagine he’d have still given his right arm to be at Ibrox the next day and coaching his side through the play-offs.

Dave King and Paul Murray have recently suggested that they’d like Mr McCoist to consider accepting a compromise when it came to reaching a settlement with his contract.

King was very diplomatic when talking about the scenario but it was also a bit engineered…

“The fact is Ally is entitled to his money. That was the deal so I don’t think there is any situation to be resolved.

“The question is can one ask him to accommodate the club? He doesn’t have an obligation, doesn’t owe anything to the club.

“It’s a question of whether the club can convince him that, under the new regime, he should give some satisfaction, so to speak.”

Many have questioned McCoist’s stance and some have gone as far as suggesting that the former striker risks losing his legendary status with the clubs support.

Now even if ‘Super Ally’ decides against doing a deal with messrs King and Murray, that decision won’t stop him being Rangers all-time leading goalscorer, winner of nine top flight titles or winner of ten domestic trophies. It also won’t erase the twenty-seven goals McCoist scored against Old Firm rivals Celtic during his fifteen year Gers career.

The fact is that Alistair Murdoch McCoist stood by Rangers Football Club during their darkest days. When various toxic regimes were dragging the club through the mud, the legendary striker turned gaffer was usually the only one left standing being a voice for the fans.

Was Ally the greatest of managers?

Nope. But he also wasn’t helped. For much of the time he had no scouting network put in place. He was constantly facing troublesome directors constantly trying to knife him in the back or short change the fans.

So yes McCoist wasn’t a fantastic manager but he was most certainly a superb ambassador for the club when they needed him the most.

he also managed to guide Rangers beyond the lowest two tiers of Scottish football and get Rangers up to the Championship.

McCoist had a contract and as Dave King has pointed out Rangers are obliged to honour it.

People will say that McCoist has earned more than his fair share in the past three years but would you walk away from a job, where you gave everything and are owed more than just gratitude?

I wouldn’t!

As Rangers announce yet another general meeting, I think the new board have more on their plate than trying to do a deal with Ally McCoist.

Respect his decision and leave him be.


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  1. 100% agreed

  2. This man is an imposter and through his awful management he has done as much harm to the club as Whyte and Green. He has been more than well paid for his time at the club and as manager he has done nothing to justify his outrageous salary. The salary that he claims he didn’t know how much!! Aye right. You may remember him as a goal scoring player however he newer did it in the champions league or at a World Cup. Ally was a great club player but nothing more. His managerial stint I’m afraid has left a sour taste in the mouths of a lot of fans and the sooner he is off the payroll the better

  3. I ONE HUNDRED PERCENT agree with the blog. Ally carried out a job that was toxic from the start > from Whyte to Green and all other directors in between who damaged the club. Ally has never ever damaged the club. The club is still where it would be if another manager had come in. Although Ally was never the best manager we could should or would have had in different circumstances, it remains to be seen how they would have faired. Please remember that Ally managed this club through unprecedented pressure, completely unknown in Scottish Football, during which he was hounded by his fellow directors, the fans and the media – no manager in the history of football has had to go through what he has went through – So in my humble opinion the man is entitled to full pay.

  4. No-one can ever take away the playing days of Ally and what he achieved. That said, let’s not beat about the bush anymore, Ally has been getting paid £800,000+ to guide the best paid players outside of the midden to win our 4th tier, then our 3rd tier leagues. There are no cups in the cupboard, where he claimed he would be judged, and as soon as we reached the 2nd tier of Scottish football his coaching and managements skills, or lack of them, became evident. Rangers FC has made Ally a millionaire. It is time he showed just how committed he is to the club.

  5. Ally is absolutely brilliant, when is the statue of him going up at ayebrokes ?

  6. Sorry but did Ally not back the Whyte’s and Greens when they came into the club? Ally had the easiest job in Scottish football when we were sent to the third tier. He had a wage bill of £6m and was up against the might of Montrose, Clyde and Annan Athletic. Even with that wage bill Ally somehow managed not to win the Ramsdens cup. His shrewdness in the transfer market was a joy to behold with world class signings such as Kevin Kyle, Seb Faure, Ian Black and that great Greek player whose name escapes me. Added to that turning down the chance to sign Craig Gordon and Scott Allan and signing Simonsen and Hutton. To sum up this tenure as manager; embarrassing he made us the laughing stock of Scottish football. I for one I’m glad he is out of the club and maybe now we will progress. Even in McCall’s short tenure he has shown more managerial awareness that Ally and had he been in charge from Div 3 we would have seen much better results, better football and not had to endure some of the rubbish that has masqueraded as footballer for the last 3 years. Good riddance Ally your not being missed

  7. Argument for…..
    Let’s just say Ally was my “on field” hero.
    Goal after goal while in my season seat in the Copland Road or at away grounds (especially the pigary) for 18 years, taking in our 9 in a row. Unbelievable times. No he was not the greatest to don the Royal Blue
    (Brian Laudrup for me) but the pleasure had when Coisty scored and he played to the crowd. Unforgettable. Priceless.
    Had to be seen to be believed. Every Rangers fan during that period cannot argue with feelings that they would have felt at these times. That period cannot and will not be forgotten. If you did not witness those majestic moments you may not understand if just reading about them in the tainted press….
    Argument against….
    I did not want Coisty to be our manager… I did not think that he came over as management material. Even through the guidance period under Walter I didn’t fancy him as our boss.
    My worst fears came to fruition even before we entered into meltdown. We were on the verge of taking an unassailable lead in the premier league but the manky mob scraped a draw at Kilmarnock. We still had a good lead, admittedly they had games in hand, but we threw away the lead and they won the league.
    Some people might say that we had started to lose some of our best players, which was correct but I was of the opinion that we still should have had enough to see the job through and laid the blame at Coistys door. My fears of his management credentials were being laid bare In my opinion.
    Into the lower leagues and we are now up to date.
    I had bought into the idea that we would sail through this years championship. Call it blinkers or bias or sheer blindness but I thought it would be a canter…..
    Woe is me !!!!! Early into the campaign it was very apparent that Hearts had a structure to their team and we looked as if we had been sent onto the park just to play as individuals and hope it would all come together as in the previous two seasons. Many an argument I have had with fellow Teds throughout this season about “My Hero” Coistys ability to put a team on the park. My statement was … The players who have played this term were not and are not as bad as the performances we have seen from this Rangers team this season.
    McCoists fault for me 100%.
    Stuart McCalls results prove this a little but as he has changed the personnel a little with out of favour players back in, along with some youngsters you can argue against….
    In repect to the money Coisty is receiving ?
    I say that take his two careers with Rangers in their individual merits
    Hero player and Dud boss.
    It is not a crime to be a bad manager it’s just very unfortunate for us that this is the way it has played out. Also, the behind the scene fiasco will not have helped McCoist one bit. As the previous comments state.
    Rangers and our loyal supporters have more on their plate going forward to be concerned about than begrudging a dud manager and My Hero, Alistair McCoist wages that he is contractually entitled to.

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