Ding Dong Blatter’s Gone!


So Sepp Blatter has finally quit his presidential role at FIFA… Thank the lord!

Hopefully we can now have a world football governing body that can clean up its act and make the game and its fans the focal point from now on.

Here is an idea FIFA why not introduce a two term only policy for future presidents and then we can dodge tyrants in the future.

I am surprised that it all happened today, Blatter was very arrogant and ignorant right to the end. After winning a fifth term on Friday and then resigning on days later, suggests that a few skeleton’s in FIFA closets could have fingers pointing at the Swiss head honcho!

Maybe the FBI are closing in or may just maybe Sepp finally realised that the people wanted him out and that he should listen to the people (I doubt that too!).

Thankfully his tarnished tenure is indeed finally over, although he still managed to hamper my day one last time as his story meant our live interview was pushed back during the news tonight.

We shall hear from the seventy-nine year old again, possibly in court or more than likely in the media. But let’s just celebrate the fact that he no longer has football in his tiny grip and that we might just get a clean and transparent FIFA in the near future.

The English FA Chairman Greg Dyke summed it up well, when he stated:

“I think it is long overdue but it is good news for world football,”

Bye bye Mr Blatter, I hope the door doesn’t hit you on the way out.

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