Kris Boyd Should Forget About Rangers And Concentrate On Killie


Kris Boyd has joined his first club Kilmarnock FC for his third spell at the Ayrshire club.

But as he signed on at Rugby Park he chose to take some time to have a dig at former side Rangers, in particular current ‘Gers’ chairman Dave King.

The Scottish striker said:

“What I will say is that we didn’t play with two men last year. Towards the end of the season, I think me and Lee McCulloch have taken a lot of stick but we were part of a 30-man squad.

“For me it is pretty easy to jump on the bandwagon and blame others. I found it very surprising how Dave King came out and had a go at players on a Friday or Saturday and all of a sudden he doesn’t have a manager.

“Then you hold another press conference on the Monday. Go and get your manager in and let him deal with your players rather than you. You concentrate on your job.

Boyd would then add:

“No disrespect to the players I played with last year but when you go from playing with World Cup players and top players, you look at Steven Davis and people like that.”

“I missed a few chances but last year as a squad we struggled. I think there was a lot of pressure on the strikers or got a lot of criticism. If it was one or two who weren’t doing it but there were four or five.”

So in one minute Boyd complains about the Gers fans and Dave King for jumping on a bandwagon blaming himself and former captain Lee McCulloch and then a few minutes later he seems to slag off his teammates for him failing to score last term.

King stated earlier this month:

“I’d be very, very surprised if a manager coming in with the budget he’ll have available to him would then want to go back and hire players who failed miserably last season.”

“So, the fact that 11 players have gone out is a great opportunity for the manager.”

Now Boyd has taken offence at that and feels it’s harsh.

But the fact is Hearts ran away with the Championship title and Rangers (who spent a vast amount on their squad) finished behind Hibs in third spot. The Gers would then lose the play-off final after two woeful performances against Motherwell.

The objective for last season was for Rangers to get back into the Scottish Premiership and the club as a whole ‘failed miserably’.

Now Boyd must have big balls to be critical of his critics because facts will back them up, not him!

Boyd said it was difficult to play under three different managers in a season. But in the bigger games and for large chunks of the season all three of those coaches dropped Boyd. They didn’t trust him to produce the goods when it mattered.

In 2013-14, while back at his hometown club Killie, Boyd scored an extremely impressive twenty-tow league goals in Scotland’s top flight. While last season in Scotland’s second tier Kris on managed a meagerly three strikes in twenty-nine league appearances. That is simply not good enough and in truth Boyd ‘failed miserably’ during his second stay at Ibrox.

The time has come for Boyd just to try and forget about his second stint at Rangers and concentrate on proving the doubters wrong, as they scoff at his new three year deal at Killie.

I don’t subscribe to the theory that the Ayrshire hitman’s career is at and end.

Kilmarnock boss Gary Locke is a known fan of the prolific striker. He’ll make Boyd his focal point to the team and have younger, hungrier players working in and around the frontman.

If  Boyd can stay fit, get a run of games and score early in the season then he will have confidence to shine once again in the Premiership. He has proved that twice with Kilmarnock in the past.

The forward needs support and confidence and I’ll agree with him that that seemed to be lacking at Rangers last season. If he can hit the ground running at Rugby Park then he’ll get both in spades from his management team and the clubs fans!

Hopefully Kris Boyd can rediscover his goalscoring form with Killie but I believe for him to do that then he needs to forget about last season, Dave King’s criticism and lose the chip on his shoulder.

It’s simple Boyd needs to get his head down, work hard and finish off his chances and then he will be be a hero at Kilmarnock once again!

2 Responses to “Kris Boyd Should Forget About Rangers And Concentrate On Killie”

  1. Daily record 22nd feb ‘ Boyds own words:
    Coming here, the big thing for me was to target that 20-plus figure that a Rangers striker should have with the chances you get.

    “If you don’t then I think you’ve failed. And, at this moment, as a Rangers striker this time around, it’s safe to say I’ve failed.”

    1 goal against Celtic and 4 in all euro comps. And that when we had the world cup players round about you.

    After Boyd left rangers 1st time he was quickly found out and moved on.
    Sorry mate, yes you did score some goals but stats in your full career don’t show you as a worlds beater. Very poor work rate. oh and sour grapes.
    You should have kept quiet and maybe you would have been remembered for your 1st time at the club. Wont be long till killie see the light.

  2. I wasn’t too critical of him during the early days, because he was also benefiting the team with play outside the box. Some of his link up play with Miller was promising. Unfortunately strikers are often judged by their goals alone and I felt that he started to let the pressure of the lack of goals get to him. Playing alongside Miller, who prefers to drop deep and link play, meant the onus was on him to score and that seemed to be playing on his mind.

    I wish him well at Killie and hope he hits the ground running. He needs to score early and he needs to feel loved by the fans. If both happen, I still think he has another good season in him.

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