Don’t Expect Zlatan To Join Either Manchester United Or Arsenal!


It has rumoured that PSG could allow star striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic to leave the Ligue 1 champions in a cut-price deal this month.

According to many media reports that news could alert both Manchester United and Arsenal as they both need a new hitman at their clubs.

But if you are a fan of either of those two sides I wouldn’t hold your breath, I seriously doubt Louis van Gaal or Arsene Wenger would touch the Swede at this moment in time.

The Swedish striker has history with Van Gaal as they both clashed when they were at Ajax together, when Louis returned to the Amsterdam club as a technical director in 2004.

In his autobiography ‘I Am Zlatan!‘ the forward even calls Louis van Gaal ‘a pompous arse‘.

Earlier this summer Zlatan stated that their relationship was still frosty but he could play for the Dutch manager. I doubt the Man United manager would share that assessment. Van Gaal isn’t known for being particularly forgiving.

Plus the United gaffer isn’t huge on having star egotistical players in his teams. Because let’s face it only one person can have a huge ego at Old Trafford and that’s Van Gaal himself!

Zlatan nearly joined Arsenal early on in his career but when asked to come to London to take part in a trial he famously told Arsene Wenger:

“No way, Zlatan doesn’t do auditions”

I doubt Wenger has forgotten that episode, especially since Zlatan mentions it any time Arsenal are mentioned to him!

Now over a decade on why would Arsene want to sign a declining talent?

Don’t get me wrong Ibrahimovic is still a fabulous player. His goals record in Ligue 1 of seventy-five goals in ninety-two games is outstanding. His skill set is still superb. But injuries have started to curtail his impact in Paris.

Then we have his ego and arrogance. The player almost demands to be centre of attention, whether it be in the dressing room or on the pitch. His off-field antics have led to visible splits in the PSG dressing room, with certain players feeling left out if they aren’t in the Zlatan clique. It even manifested itself on the park when Ibrahimovic seemingly refused to pass the ball to fellow forward Edinson Cavani.

The thirty-three year old is also known to enjoy a bit of fighting with teammates; sometimes in jest and sometimes not!

Would Wenger really like to bring in a veteran attacker, no matter how good he is, if he also brings enough toxic baggage that can turn the dressing room on it’s head? I just can’t see that happening at Arsenal.

PSG are building a huge footballing brand, until now Zlatan was the face of that new footballing empire. So for the Qatari’s, in charge of the Parisian club, to sell Ibra (on the cheap) will set off a few alarm bells for those in charge of top clubs.

It seems as if PSG have realised that for all the good he has given them in the past, the talented striker is now edging towards retirement and becoming a rather large headache for all concerned at the club.

He will leave a legend and receive best of wishes from the club. But no one seems determined to keep him in the French capital.

I seriously doubt England will be the mercurial Swede’s next destination. I get the links as he is a superstar player and has the ego to match, so he’d be great copy for the English press. But I doubt a manager in the ‘Top Four’ would go for him and I also doubt he’d go to a lesser side in the Premier League.

I think the PSG striker might have three possible destinations to ultimately choose from:

Real Madrid: Florentino Perez loves to bring in a former Barca player and have them shoot down their former employers. The La Liga side could possibly do with a spare frontman and Zlatan’s reduced fee could be tempting. But it would all depend on Ibrahimovic being able to stay away from Cristiano Ronaldo’s limelight!

MLS: Andrea Pirlo, Steven Gerrard, Didier Drogba, David Villa, Frank Lampard and Kaka are all players of Zlatan’s generation that have recently ended up in the States. He would be loved by many there and hated by as many, that would thrill the forward. A great chance to see out his career with sun, even more money and adulation from a new audience.

AC Milan: Probably the most likely destination for the thirty-three year old. Italy has been like a second home for Ibra and he’s enjoyed his greatest successes in Serie A. He would return to Milan as a hero and would once again be the focal point to the ‘Rossoneri’.

3 Responses to “Don’t Expect Zlatan To Join Either Manchester United Or Arsenal!”

  1. Good points about why he wouldn’t go to neither Arsenal or United. From a PSG point of view, it’s quite clear the plan is to keep him at the club til next summer, and then take time to find a new high-profile figurehead to replace him and represent the PSG project (Ronaldo?)

    No chance PSG would let him go now, with only a few days to find an alternative and all the money already spent on ADM..

  2. Depends on Zlatan’s effect on the team and team morale.

    Play Cavani through middle and Di Maria on the left wing. Then bring in a superstar next summer.

  3. That’s true, although from an image point of view – that’s something the owners are very careful about – it would look like a step down to lose Ibra without appropriate replacement.

    Plus Cavani’s been so unconvincing since arriving, I just can’t see that happening! Time will tell 🙂

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