Tottenham’s Emmanuel Adebayor Right To Sit Back And Pocket His Hefty Wage


It hasn’t been a great summer for Emmanuel Adebayor.

The player has been dumped by his national team and told he won’t play for Togo again. Although Adebator hadn’t joined the squad after a recent call-up anyway.

While Tottenham Hotspur have also made a similar statement with boss Mauricio Pochettino saying:

“I think it is clear he is not in my idea, in my mind or in the plans for the future of Tottenham.”

In the summer it was reported that the forward turned down moves to West Ham United and Aston Villa. Both moves seemed to collapse due to Adebayor’s excessive wage demands.

The striker wanted Spurs to pay up the last year of his contract and give him £5m to move on. Tottenham chief Daniel Levy decided not to bow to Adebayor’s demands.

That has lead to calls from fans that the hitman was incredibly greedy.

I agree he is greedy but I also say fair play to him.

The fact is no one forced Mr Levy to offer Adebayor that initial four year contract worth £100k a week. Once Spurs signed off on the deal then they had to honour it for as long as the player is there.

They cannot complain because three managers later the forward is no longer wanted at White Hart Lane.

At thirty-one years of age, time as a professional footballer is running out for Emmanuel. That means he needs to carefully think over his next career move.

Some players in the same scenario will take the wage-cut and leave, just to get more first-team football elsewhere. That is admirable but football is full of different characters, I suppose that’s why we all love it so much.

Of course Adebayor’s motives to stay at the London club are entirely down to money. But who are we to judge?

We don’t know his expenses. For all we know, he could spend cash beyond his limits. Richer people have become bankrupt after reckless spending. We do know that Emmanuel’s family are no strangers at throwing out their hands asking for big handouts.

Also don’t forget that Tottenham’s decision to allow other sides to speak with the frontman was also down to money.

They want him off their wage bill, and no longer want to pay him £100k a week. But they aren’t short of a bob of two, just look at the cash they were offering for West Brom’s Saido Berahino on transfer window deadline day.

Yes I would have preferred to leave for a club offering me more minutes on the pitch but that doesn’t mean I should sit here and judge Emmanuel Adebayor for making the best financial decision for him.

Will he get a deal next summer? Of course he will!

Maybe a compromise can be reached in January.

Let’s just hope for Mauricio Pochettino’s sake that Spurs don’t suffer an injury crisis amongst the forwards in the mean time because they won’t be able to call on the proven Premier League goalscorer that is Emmanuel Adebayor!

4 Responses to “Tottenham’s Emmanuel Adebayor Right To Sit Back And Pocket His Hefty Wage”

  1. You could not be more wrong. If Spurs paid up his contract in full then he would be getting that plus whatever he got from his new club. If he accepted, maybe, half the £50k per week, and got a similar amount from his new contract, he would have ended up in a similar position but playing and prolonging his career. Surely that is what all footballers want? Or am I being idealistic? It is also possible that he could have gotten more than £50k per week from his new club thus making him better off!

    Also, to suggest that he could be spending beyond his limits is fanciful. If that is true then he is more of a fool than he already seems.

  2. I agree had Spurs come up with that kind of deal then Adebayor should’ve accepted it. But do we know that’s what happened?

    The living beyond his means comment was a bit tongue in cheek. But as I said richer people than Emmanuel have squandered more.

    The basic point is that he is entitled to sit back and take what’s owed to him

  3. Dont be ridiculous! If I regularly failed to show up for work, abused the people who pay my wages and made no effort on the rare occurences I did show up, I would expect to be sacked. Not given a years salary as a gift and then expect to earn the same money from a new employer. Its also important to put down a marker to other players that Spurs will no longer tolerate half-hearted committment from people earning more in a week than fans earn in 2-3 years.

  4. That’s a different matter though.

    For anything like not turning up for training or abusing members of the club then fine him!

    If he continues to do it then sack him.

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