SPFL Should Kick US Game Into Touch


So Dundee have proposed that they take on Celtic in the United States next season, instead of at Dens Park. It’s been reported that both sides are up for the idea and it’s just down to the SPFL now to rubber stamp the initiative.

I really can’t see the point of this.

Our domestic game needs to be improved for our own fans before we look at taking it abroad.

Are Dundee fans being taken for granted?

They may only be scheduled to play Celtic once at Dens Park before a split and then they may not be involved in the same group after the said split. They are only down to play the Glasgow side at home once this season as it stands, so that could be the same next season. So that would mean that the home fans would not get a chance to see their side take on the best team in the league that year. Surely that would see the season ticket prices heavily reduced at Dens for the 2016/17 season.

Plus who is to say that Dundee will be in the Scottish Premiership next season? They are seventh in the table at the moment and are only five points away from the dreaded play-off position.

Also could Dundee’s season survive with the distraction and travelling needed for this one?

Now I can see the appeal in having Celtic play in America but will there be much of an appetite to see Dundee in the States?

Is this just a case of other SPFL members using Celtic as their gravy train? That’s very not innovative. 

The games profits will probably be split with the rest of the Scottish Premiership sides, the SFA and the SPFL themselves. You might not be able to just renegotiate all of your TV deals for a one off gamble game.

Although people will want to see the Scottish champions would they also want to see a team that they have no clue about? Look at the last three games that these two have played each other; 6-0 Celtic, 5-0 Celtic and 2-1 Celtic. Those games hardly ooze appeal! It’s certainly not the El Clasico we are talking about here.

Major League Soccer currently have big name players like Frank Lampard, Didier Drogba, David Villa, Steven Gerrard, Clint Dempsey, Michael Bradley. So can a domestic Scottish game compete with that?

Will the money on offer be that great once you factor in the many costs? How much will the tickets cost?

The market place is tough when you consider the fact you might be battling with the likes of the NFL, NBA, MLB, MLS, NHL, MMA and/or more.

The fixture has to be placed at a precise time between August and April that means that the two teams can have time to travel without too much fuss. You have to factor in the two domestic cup competitions and Celtic’s possible European adventures.

Plus the match would need to be ratified by both the American and Scottish federations and also by UEFA and FIFA. That is a lot of hurdles to overcome and red paper to break through.

Listen I want the Scottish game to improve and become better but surely that starts at home. We need our clubs to listen to their current fans first before they try and mug off fans in another country!

We need to look at the best ways to coach and encourage our young players as everyone would benefit hugely in that.

Our twelve team league format is very stale now and the top flight teams need to stop using Celtic and/or Rangers as the bread winners and up their own game and believe in a fresh competition involving a sixteen team league.

I just can’t see the point in flogging this boring, woeful horse that most domestic fans aren’t proud of to another continent.

I’d prefer to see our clubs look at ways to gain more fans through their own turnstiles rather than try and fob off foreign supporters.

If this game could provide clubs enough funds to lower season ticket prices or the like, then I’d be happy to support it. But it won’t.

It’s just another short term plan to inflate those in the top division rather than make our game the better for all.

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