Blogger For Hire!!

Scott Johnston

Many of you may know that as a profession I work for a production company, actually it’s my dad’s company. This blog is an enjoyable hobby that has thankfully seen me earn some extra cash and gain some credibility/ respect from various media sources and other fantastic football writers.

Unfortunately my father suffered a small stroke last week. Thankfully it doesn’t seem to be overly serious but it has shocked us all. It also means that we have to slow our workload for the foreseeable future as the company is so small (it’s just the two of us).

That means I have a bit more free time at the moment and for the first time I am actively putting myself in the shop window as a football writer for hire.

I have extensive knowledge in both Scottish and English football. I also know my way around various European leagues if needed.

So if you require a writer or know someone that is then please contact me at



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