Thirteen Footballers Mistaken For Horses

We all know that many footballers have an inflated ego. In fact some consider themselves stallions of the pitch. The age old saying applies: “if it looks like a horse, sounds like a horse and walks like a horse, it is probably a professional footballer”. We wouldn’t be surprised to see these running down the […]

Robbie Neilson Has Backing Of Real Hearts Fans

It’s quite ridiculous that a certain group of so-called Heart Of Midlothian fans would waste their own time, money and effort by protesting against the management of Robbie Neilson at the club. Today at Tynecastle a plane flew over head with a message that read ‘No Style No Bottle Neilson Out!’. The whole episode was very […]

Demolition Of Dundee Was Just What Rangers Needed!

“They’re just a new club. I’ve not played them before, so I’m looking forward to that. It should be good.” That was always going to be a big statement from Dundee’s Gary Harkins when he taunted Rangers and their fans about their status as a football club. It really doesn’t matter if he believed what […]

Liverpool’s Flanagan Was Right To Single Out Raheem Sterling

Liverpool full-back Jon Flanagan went into a full bloodied challenge with ex-teammate Raheem Sterling in the first minute of the Reds clash against Manchester City this week. The twenty three year old has came out and said the tackle was for the Anfield crowd: “It was something I had to do to get the crowd up,” […]

The Internet Brings Football Closer

I grew up without the internet, my childhood and early teens consisted of reading newspapers/magazines, watching teletext and listening to radio to get all my football news. It was never enough. My generation would be the last that would need to depend on things like World Soccer magazine to find out results from the leagues […]