England Job Would Suit Arsene Wenger


Sam Allardyce left the England manager’s role after just one game in charge due to a sting by British newspaper The Telegraph. That means that the FA are once again on the lookout for a new boss.

Under-21 manager Gareth Southgate will take charge for the next four games as those in charge at the FA look at potential candidates. That will no doubt be an ideal time for former Three Lions international defender Southgate to stake a big claim for the top job, if he can show that he’s ready for the task in hand.

But if Gareth is found wanting at senior international level within these four games, then the net will be cast further afield.

The usual names of Steve Bruce and Alan Pardew have popped up but neither will excite the minds of the English support. They, like Sam, have had decent but not outstanding careers. They may argue that they’ve never had the big opportunities but surely there’s a reason for that.

Bournemouth gaffer Eddie Howe has also been mentioned. The thirty-eight year old has been terrific at the Cherries as he’s guided them into the Premier League and kept them in the top flight too.

Speaking as a pundit for BT Sport, Owen Hargreaves was quick to champion Howe’s case:

‘There would be less expectation. I think Eddie Howe’s side play the right way – he’s always brought players up from the lower leagues and developed them, imagine what he could do with our best England players.”

‘He would be the perfect fit for the next four to six years. Eventually you could win a major title like a European championship a World Cup in six to eight years time.”

I’d urge caution over hiring Howe.

While I think he’s a very talented young manager I believe he is still at the learning part of his career. Surely it’s better that he get’s a year or two more under his belt at Bournemouth and then look at getting one of the bigger club jobs. Let him develop his skills that way and then have him more rounded for the England job further down the line.

Let’s just give him time to prove himself.

Arsene Wenger on the other hand could be an astute choice.

The Frenchman has plenty of big game experience, likes working with younger players and help in their development. He’d be ideal to oversee a whole raft of changes from top to bottom on how the FA develops youth players, coaches and the inner workings of St George’s Park. That kind of forward thinking and planning would appeal to head honchos at the FA.

Wenger has been in England, managing Arsenal, for the past twenty years. He knows how the English game works and the players that he’d have at his disposal.

I believe the England job does require an experienced hand. Fabio Capello was experienced but not with English football. Roy Hodgson and Allardyce had the knowledge of English football but came up short with big game winning experiences.

Looking at Wenger’s situation at Arsenal and I do wonder if it would be best for both parties that there was a parting of the ways. Unlike others, I don’t think Arsene has lost his managerial nous.

I think the move to the Emirates stadium was huge for the Gunners and I think the impact it had on the team’s budget and the club struggled at a stage to get the best players through the doors. The French manager took it upon himself to steer the club through that period and even take the brunt of the blame as his side struggled to win trophies.

But during all that he still managed to secure Champions League qualification during that time, produce big victories in that competition and secure good wins in tough domestic encounters. Just last week his side beat Chelsea 3-0.

At sixty-six it really could be the ideal time for Arsene to take on a new role and maybe he’d be more suited with the international set-up, as it’s not exactly full-time. It would give him time to plan, prepare and execute ideas.

Plus will he get a better chance to get to a World Cup and live that experience?

I suppose the main person that would need convincing would be Wenger himself.

The Frenchman is obviously deeply loyal to Arsenal and seems desperate to win another league title with the club.

Everytime a club or a country has come calling in the past, Wenger has turned them down. Plus he has always stated that he’d never walk out on a contract. The FA would probably have to wait until the end of this current season before getting Arsene into the hotseat.

But the FA might be encouraged by his latest statement when discussing if he was flattered by links with England job:

‘Of course. But my priority has always been this club. Until the end of this season I’m here.’

The English game is always full of surprises.’

Later on this week he said when directly asked about taking the role:

“One day, if I’m free, why not?”

That certainly isn’t a definite no but it may be Wenger’s way to make sure the Arsenal hierarchy offer him a big bumper new deal before Christmas.

With all the bung allegations swirling around at the moment, it would make sense for the FA to chase down someone with the morals of Arsene Wenger. But whether or not they can persuade him to take it on is another matter.

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